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It is our pleasure to fulfill your home with sun and heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will solar electric system cost me?

The cost usually depends on a few factors. They are: the size of the system you would like to choose, your location and available incentives. If you are interested in what amount of money you will need to pay, you can get Free Quote from SolarPanelsCompany.

Will my electric bill be $0?

There are solar panel systems that can produce more energy than you use every month, which brings net electricity cost to as low as $0. Nevertheless, there will be a minimum connections fee which helps to be connected to the electrical grid. This fee is usually around $100 per a year.

Are there available incentives to me?

We advise you to look for benefits of solar power in your area which can help lowering the net cost of the investment. You can also ask that installer that we will choose in your area.

Can I really get paid for additional energy production with my solar kit?

As of today, most of the USA is under Net Metering system, which allows reducing your net electricity costs to zero. There are, however, specific states that participate in Feed-In Tariff system. To find out whether your state falls under this program, kindly contact your local authorities.

Can I do the installation myself?

If you go online, you will see many DYI yourself articles. However, we strongly don’t recommend this to people without prior experience. This process requires licensed electrical and roofing skills to make sure that the solar power system is absolutely safe and optimally designed for 25+ years of energy production.

Will solar panels affect my roof’s integrity?

With great design and proper installation this industry best practices, your roof should maintain its integrity. Solar Panels Company always audits our Authorized Installers so that you can relax knowing that your roof will be just fine. We recommend asking your installer about any guarantees they can offer on their installation quality.

Does solar system require much maintenance?

To a big surprise of our customers, it requires very little maintenance with no moving parts and 25 years of expected life-span. FYI, their smart design ensures them being relatively clean on condition that they are exposed to a quick rinse with a garden hose or rain every few months.

Will solar modules work in a cold climate?

Yes, they will. The main rule of thumb is that if you can clearly see your PV modules, they can generate electricity. On top of that, when they’re given same amount of direct sunlight, solar panels on a cold day will out-produce solar panels on a hot day.

Does snow affect their performance?

First of all, it is important to mention that snow will not harm your home solar panels at all. However, the snow will decrease the performance but only while it remains on panels. Considering a few factors, snow will fall off your roof rather fast letting your panels work to their best again.

How will they survive extreme weather condition?

Solar panels by the providers that we recommend will withstand high winds and snow loads very well.

Will my system work during the blackout?

Solar Panels Company recommends using basic generators or battery backup during an unexpected blackout. For the safety measures solar systems that are connected to electrical grid are required to remain switched off during blackouts. I have no intention being at my home for the next 25 years.

Why should I use solar panels then?

There are a few reasons why you should consider installing PV modules. When you finally decide to sell your home, chances are high that you will sell it faster. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a perfect place where you can save on electric bills? Another reason is that if the solar investment hasn’t been paid off, it will be returned to you in possibly added cost of your home. Contact us for more information.

Are you a direct manufacturer?

No. However, we will find the best manufacturer for you.

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