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your home with sun and heat.

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It is our pleasure to fulfill your home with sun and heat.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Electricity makes the World spin. Literally, each process requires power inputs and almost all human activities depend on it. A lot of people do not understand how valuable energy is, however, as soon as it is gone, everything stops. It is a true boon to economy that is based on endless expansion, and for a couple of centuries humanity managed to develop its key industries mostly thanks to bright minds of scientists and natural resources.

However, with time all energy resources are getting exhausted. All, except for solar energy. This alternative kind of energy opened up numerous technological possibilities. Thus, solar panels were created to supply people with power in an efficient way. These panels are able to turn simple sunlight into pollution-free electricity. Sounds like a miracle unless you know how they actually work. Solar Panels Company is ready to reveal the secret behind "solar panels" to you. By the way, find out what you should choose our solar panels company!

Solar Technology and Functions

A number of tiny photovoltaic cells compose a solar panel. Whenever the light shines on these cells, they force electrons to move. PV cells are created from two layers of semi-conducting material that are closely tied up. One of the layers is loaded with electrons, the other, on the contrary, lacks some of them. Both layers are meant to establish an electric field and this special build allows them to make a loop of electrons that keep transferring their energy to "loose" electrons. Like this electrons keep changing their charge from positive to negative. And so this process generates a flow of electricity.

As you have probably guessed, solar power helps to start it all. As soon as a photon of sun energy sets an electron free, it will get pushed out of the silicon junction by the electric field. Then the other constituents of photovoltaic modules transform some of these electrons into storable power. Each cell has special metal plates that are meant to transfer electrons to wires. By the end of the process electrons are turned into usable electricity you can utilize like any other source of energy!

Solar Panels Benefits

It is true that solar electricity is relatively new type of energy. That is why, unlike many other companies, Solar Panels Company works with manufacturers that continuously improve their technology and tries to satisfy new needs of the market to stay the best. Just enter your zip code to find out possible costs of solar panels in your area.

  • Quality. All products show long-term durability and designed to start working earlier to store as much energy as possible. Sunlight is free, however, sun-powered panels quality varies. Do not risk your money and start saving on electricity costs with professional suppliers.
  • Efficiency. Company deals with manufacturers whose solar cell technology is meant to produce a lot of energy from each sunray. You wonder what you should do when the sun isn't shining. That is not a problem! Even if you live in a cloudy area - solar panels are worth buying. The thing is, photovoltaic cells do not need direct sunrays to work properly. It is possible to generate energy even on the grayest of days. Oh, and there are certain things you need to consider when shopping for solar panels
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  • Reliability. Photovoltaic modules are constantly tested to withstand even the most severe weather conditions: high and low temperatures, changes in humidity, gale, atmospheric precipitations etc.
  • Pollution-free. Unlike other resources of energy, solar power is absolutely green and Eco-friendly. It is renewable and you will always have means to illuminate your place and run your household appliances without polluting the environment.
  • Elegant Design. Each of our clients deserves a beautiful house and solar panels can make it look even better! Your roof will attract only positive attention and prove both owner's good taste and economic foresight.

Solar panels is a great way to improve your future today!

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