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Privacy Policy of Solar Panels Company

This Privacy Policy was created by SolarPanelsCompany to inform Customer intelligence of how the Company gathers, stores and uses any kind of personal information. It also provides all necessary facts to assure you that none of the confidential data you provide on the Website will fall into the wrong hands.

The Company values the Right to Privacy of each and every client and will do everything possible to secure it. That is why SolarPanelsCompany provides the possibility to keep track of how your personal data is gathered and may be used in the future. The company respects your interest and will try to make the process as transparent as possible. It also provides you with a variety of choices concerning how your private information may be accounted and used. If you desire to withdraw your data from the servers of the Company, this Privacy Policy can acquaint you with necessary steps and actions you can perform. You are free to manipulate your personal data on every stage of your order.

As soon as you fill the registration fields on you confirm your permission to let the Company store and use your personal data strictly as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. All confidential data may be collected, utilized and transferred unless these actions contradict client's interests. Be as attentive as possible while reading this Privacy Policy as it primary targets your rights and civil liberties. If you will have any additional questions or concerns, you are free to use contact information mentioned on the Website and get in touch with a trusted representative of the Company or official Support Service.

If you disagree with the methods of the Company and do not want these practices to be applied to you, please refuse any further interactions with Solar Panels Company and do not provide any of your identifiable data on the Website.

Collection of Personal and Non-personal Data

The Company supervises your interactions with the Website and gathers facts about you and your unique preferences. As you pass the registration process and navigate through the Website, the Company may store your confidential data. This is performed to expedite and improve service possibilities as well as help you access resources and facilities provided by SolarPanelsCompany right now. It also allows both parties communicate and helps the Company to achieve advanced level of personal authentication. Moreover, these actions help to secure the benefits of each and every client and monitor their unique preferences. It is only up to you to accede to these terms but remember that some of the services provided by SolarPanelsCompany can't function properly without your personal data.

Some of the collectable data the Company may access is non-personal. This type of data is used for the analytical purposes only. Such method helps SolarPanelsCompany to analyze client preferences and characteristics of their choices. It also helps to utilize the information and improve functioning and maintenance of the Website. Non-personal information can also be imparted to third party, unless these actions conflict with the interests of the customer.

Use of Personally Identifiable Data

As you apply to and later whenever you iteratively interact with the Website, the service collects your personal data. This process is performed in accordance with existing legislation. The Company took all precautions against possible scams and sinister intentions of violators.

All information gathered through the service will be directly used for your benefit and will help the Company to fulfill the order in the best possible way. The request information is also considered to be your personal data and will be stored and protected by Solar Panels Company respectively. In addition, it may be utilized during interactions with the third party members if it is essential to complete your order. The Company guarantees highest level of security and will take all necessary measures to prevent any kind of imposture and protect rights and interests of each customer.

SolarPanelsCompany may also impart some of your personal data to affiliates that promoted to help The Company with mechanical services. Third party companies are forbidden to spread any facts about clients and their orders. They can only use it to fulfill their part of the agreement. Any other usage of identifiable data is prohibited. The Company also reserves the right to use some of your info to secure its legal right, solve technical issues and execute the agreements. Any usage of the personal data can be tracked by customer.

The Company might disclose your data if such actions are demanded by the law or authorities. It can also happen in order to fulfill legal agreements, secure justifiable claim and rights of the Company and its partners, stop crime of any level and guarantee safety of any customer.

Furthermore, the Company will be obliged to entrust all data or some part of it, if the other company purchases assets of SolarPanelsCompany. This situation may be caused by the merger, trustee or acquisition of any legal kind. The Company will notify all clients before such changes come into effect. Solar Panels Company guarantees you an opportunity to modify or completely withdraw your info in good time.

Third Party Interactions

Under no circumstances the Company will transmit customer's personal data to third parties unless they function in accordance with previously established legal agreements. In addition, third party organization affiliated with SolarPanelsCompany may contact you for permission to access some of your data or promote services and goods by an e-mail. This is done to maintain customers relationships. If you desire to cease your participation in any of excising programs, you are free to fill the unsubscribe form at any time.

However, even though SolarPanelsCompany limits the ways third party can exploit your confidential info and supervises all actions related to the personal data, the Company can't influence third party policies. If you are concerned about how they may use your info, we suggest contacting them directly. Be aware that legal practices and methods of Solar Panels Company may not coincide with those of our affiliates.

Whenever you visit and supply any kind of personal data, it helps us to collect general info about Company's Customer intelligence. There is a possibility that this data may be utilized in interactions with the affiliates and third parties as it does not contain any identifiable elements. This is done to cover all client's preferences and improve the quality of the services in future.

Additionally, third party may access national database to verify some of your info, such as SSN, credit bureau risk score etc. By filling in your information on you confirm you consent to these actions. However, your personal data may be only used as mentioned in third party policies and in no other way. Some of them can try advertising goods and services to you by e-mail and online listing. This will only happen if you confirm that you agree with these policies. Otherwise, you are free to decline third party marketing offers. If you chose to delete your info from the Website, it won't be used by the Company as well as transmitted to any affiliates.

Third Party Cookies

Solar Panels Company can place first party as well as third party cookies on its Website. This is done primary to collect, analyze and monitor data regarding preferences and behavior of customers. It will give the service ability to identify you as a unique customer and make your experience on the Website enjoyable and productive. SolarPanelsCompany constantly tries to improve work of the Website and your cooperation greatly helps to advance perfection in rendering of services.

Additionally, cookies can prevent certain scams and generally help to secure maintenance of the Website. They also give our affiliates a chance to note if you are interested in any of the advertized offers if you decide to follow them. Moreover, third party cookies may be used to identify various inessential data such as your system's language, time zone and your country of residence. You can modify preferences of your browser system to allow cookies as well as partially or completely remove them.

The Company and its affiliates may also place certain beacons and tags around the website pages to keep track of your actions. It also helps SolarPanelsCompany to understand weather actions and offers of the Company suffice to your preferences and to come up with new suggestions. It should be noted, that by visiting the Website of the Company you give access to other types of private info, such as address of the website you visited prior to and the website you are going to visit next. Third party may keep track of this data for accountability and statistical purposes. The Company recommends its customers to access private policies of third party companies for a detailed account of how web cookies may be used by the these companies.

Privacy Management

Your data is mostly used by Solar Panels Company to create high-touch approach and improve your experience while you navigate through the Website. Nevertheless, you are free to limit the access to your private info at any time. If you do not want third parties to keep track of your actions and customer preferences, you should refrain from clicking any ads, banners or side links on and its pages. Additionally, you can use the unsubscribe option to prevent future listing and advertisement supplements.

Safety of Personally Identifiable Data

Solar Panels Company does everything possible to keep your private data secured. All facts about clients of the Company are protected from unauthorized usage of any kind. Company's servers are maintained by qualified professionals. They keep track of all info and make sure the data is accurate. The Company assures you that all necessary measures and precautions are taken to prevent all kinds of exterior interference and malicious actions involving your data. SolarPanelsCompany promises to do everything possible so the private information you entrust to the Company will not be lost, modified or misused under any circumstances.

Only Company's personnel, authorized affiliates and partners may have access to personally identifiable data. The Company stores all info on authorized servers and prohibits its public disclosure. SolarPanelsCompany's employers may access your private info only to complete your order or in cases mentioned in this Privacy Policy. All types of customer data is protected from any kind of misuse, and all employees of the Company are bound to respect this policy.

Nevertheless, even though the Company does the utmost to secure customer data, it is impossible to completely rule out a possibility of external attack directed to servers of the Company. The Company does not hold responsibly for illegal actions performed by unauthorized party. If these actions take place, SolarPanelsCompany will immediately inform its customers of the situation. Third party companies are also obliged to take all necessary measures to secure your identifiable data. Company's clients will have a chance to alter or remove personal info as soon as the violation is fixed.

No Data Collected from Children

Under no circumstances SolarPanelsCompany will try to collect or store any personally identifiable data from children under the age of eighteen. If this violation occur, the Company will remove all facts about children who accidentally or intentionally visited the Website and gave away private data. The Company also relies on parents and guardians of children to supervise their activities on the Internet. This should be done to prevent children from filling in collectible info on or any affiliated site. Additionally, since SolarPanelsCompany does not collect or store data collected from children, the Company will not share this type of information with third parties.

Permission to Electronic Disclosures

As soon as you provide your personal data on, you allow the Company to send you advice notes. It also implies that you give your permission to receive any kind of notifications sent by the Company or by third party affiliates. These notifications may be transferred online or in the form of an electronic message. If you do not agree with Company's terms you may withdraw your submission form or exit the Website.

Additionally, it is possible to contact third party companies and refuse to receive electronic offers. However, it should be noted that the Company is not responsible for communication between the client and third party members. Moreover, third party company may have its own policies and rules concerning disclosures of any kind. If you have questions or concerns, best solar panel companies recommend you to address representatives of these respective companies for additional info.

SolarPanelsCompany also strongly suggest to print a copy of all documents and notifications sent by the Company or its affiliates. If you missed or accidentally deleted some document, it is possible to contact Support Service. Remember, that you need stable Internet connection and an e-mail account to view these notifications.

By accessing the Website and providing your personal data, you confirm that you agree to following conditions:

  • to receive notifications and documents sent by SolarPanelsCompany and its affiliates;
  • to allow SolarPanelsCompany and its affiliates to access, store and account your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy;
  • to allow SolarPanelsCompany and its affiliates to transact business with you as with the client of the Company.

Furthermore, you agree to provide the Company with your accurate e-mail address and additional data necessary to complete the registration form and to send you notifications in future. It also implies that you have read, reviewed and agreed to terms and conditions of the Company. In case of any change in these documents, the Company will send you a notification.

All data is stored electronically and both SolarPanelsCompany and its affiliates agree to store it only during a certain period. This is done to reduce the cost of holding and to provide a better access to documentation. By further interactions with the Company you confirm that you understand and agree with this policy. It also means that all notifications an documents will be eventually removed from SolarPanelsCompany's servers. However, this may happen only at the expiration of the period mentioned by regulatory requirements. The Company will store your info until the order is complete and to provide you services in future.

Third Party Privacy Practices

As it was stated before, SolarPanelsCompany may place links to third party websites. This is done to improve your online experience. The Company recommends third parties to form privacy policies that can give you an account of how they may store and use your identifiable data. However, these actions are not monitored by the Company and it doesn't bear responsibility for the contents and services rendered by third party companies. Furthermore, all customers acknowledge that these companies have their own privacy policies. It should be noted that their practices may differ from those of SolarPanelsCompany. If you are concerned about how your personal info may be accessed, collected and used by these companies, the Company encourages you to read privacy policies of these respective companies before you provide your private info.

Changes to The Privacy Policy

The Company holds the right to remove or alter the info provided in this Privacy Policy. As soon as the change takes place, this Privacy Policy will be updated. All personally identifiable data provided by clients prior to these changes will be used strictly according to the privacy practices maintained by the Company when this data was collected. All customers will be given a choice to continue relations with SolarPanelsCompany in accordance with the update.

The Company recommends you to monitor the activity on and familiarize yourself with any changes that can affect you. If you continue to visit and use the Website, Solar Panels Company will regard it as consent to updates in the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Inquiries

Solar Panels Company does everything possible to manage your personal info in accordance with your interests and legal rights. At any stage of business relationships you have full control of the data provided to the Company to fulfill your order. All clients can alter personally identifiable data at any time. They also have possibility to delete their private info partially or request full removal of all personally identifiable data stored by SolarPanelsCompany service. Information might be withheld to investigate a fraud or in obedience to the law. If you have any additional questions, inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact Customer Service or SolarPanelsCompany's representatives.

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