Miracle of Solar Panels: Who Invented Them

solar panel history and creationThough many people believe that idea of solar panels appeared in the middle of 20th century, first solar power technology originates from the mid-1800s. The engineers of the industrial revolution invented solar energy factories in order to heat water and create steam to drive various engines. Since then the solar industry has developed greatly and today any man alive can turn to the best solar energy company and order cells for his house!

The History

But let us remember the origin of this type of power. In 1839, a French physicist Edmond Becquerel found out the explanation of how solar energy can be generated. His discovery is known now as the photovoltaic effect. Yet, despite the significance of this discovery and further research and formulation, people were using the photovoltaic energy in order to measure the level of light.

Only 100 years later, an American engineer R.S. Ohl invented and patented silicon solar panels, just after the discovery of the transistor; and earlier solar cells had the efficiency level of 6%. Thanks to Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller, and Daryl Chapin, today modern solar panel companies offer generating electricity from the sun.

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How It Works

The photons strike the concrete elements, in special metals and make the surface of the stuff evolve electrons. In its turn, light strikes other elements, forcing the stuff to accept electrons. Due to the combination of these two elements, the electrons flow thru a conductor, and, as a result, electricity is created. The best quality solar panels employ this photo-electric effect as well. Also, it is possible to make your own solar cells, but only for fun and to show kids how solar technologies work, as homemade panels generate a little electricity.

Why Going Solar

going solar and buying panelsThe energy generated from the sun is gaining popularity every year and it has a huge potential as it is possible to produce electricity without any waste; moreover, it does not pollute the planet and does not depend on the Earth’s natural resources. Over and above, it is easy to install the cells and they require very low handling, just ask the solar cell company for the answers. Naturally, a lot of people invest in solar technologies already today.

Benefits of Solar Power

Whether you live in Sidney or Texas, the panels can be placed on your roof and generate electricity when it is necessary. Consequently, it doesn’t need transportation service and can distribute power over long distances to remote populations. If you are dreaming about electricity bill savings, think about investing in solar energy – the panels can help you save money essentially and generate passive income, by the way. It is possible to generate about 40% of US electricity thanks to solar technologies alone.

Sure enough, the inventors of solar cells didn’t suppose to use the power from the sun in order to save the environment. But as we all know, the most significant benefit of solar energy is that it does not have an impact on the air, water, soil. We get energy from natural gas and coal mainly, and when fossil fuels are burned, they evolve harmful fumes which pollute the atmosphere and lead to global warming. On the contrary: the cells convert sunlight into power and you will never hear them working.

Solar energy is renewable and that means our planet won’t run out of it for the next 6 billion years, according to the scientists. The photovoltaic panels (whatever the quantity) require very little maintenance: after the solar energy company installs the cells, one will need to apply for technical servicing only once a year to ensure the system runs faultlessly.

The solar industry is still in progress and will take many years to refuse from fossil fuels, but thanks to “fathers of solar energy” we have a chance to save the planet!