The Best Place to Install Solar Panels

Where Is the Optimal Place for Solar Cells?

solar installationOnce you make a decision to buy solar panels, another question will arise – what is the best place to position them?

A lot of householders usually have problems placing solar cells. Certainly, it is not enough to place them anywhere you like, especially if you want them to work effectively. Moreover, there are several pitfalls you may overlook if you lack experience.

It is essential to account all conditions and install all equipment properly so you will not regret your hasty decisions in the future. If you want to make full use of solar panels, check following information and apply it to choose a perfect location for your solar collector.

Tips and Tricks: How to Install Solar Panels

First and foremost, it is important to make sure each solar panel will receive enough sunlight during day hours. Though new technologies allow this device to power your household appliances even when the weather is adverse, all practical people understand that nothing should constantly shadow the surface of a solar cell. Some of them even address experts to avoid possible mistakes when choosing the best placement.

However, it has to be more than just an unshaded location. You must considers positioning, orientation and even inclination to derive all possible benefits from PV cells. This investment requires thorough analysis of your house or any other property you are trying to assess. Remember that if you do everything right, it will be easy to return money you have used to buy a solar power system in no time.

Usually solar panels are positioned on the roof surface to receive enough sunshine and minimize shading. They are often angled to accumulate as much energy as possible during the day. Keep in mind, that even if you do not have any massive trees on your loan, some tree or building in the neighborhood can obstruct the sun at a certain point. It is a wise decision to ask a professional to measure the amount of energy each photovoltaic panel can actually produce.

ground solar panelsSome households have unique rooftops or simply lack space to install solar energy collectors. This may cause difficulties you probably want to foreknow. It is also essential to estimate strength and general condition of the roof.

While analyzing your property, do not neglect these small details even if they seem insignificant at first glance. However, no need to abandon the idea of cheap and green energy simply because your roof is unserviceable. Sometimes sun panels are placed on the ground-level. If you do not need too much electricity to power your place, it is acceptable to allocate solar cell even next to a wall.


What is more, you shouldn’t neglect accessibility of your PV panels. They can work for a long time without human intervention, but every once in a while you will have to clean and check on your solar battery. Thus the location must be convenient in accessing, so either you or a hired specialist can reach all tools without any difficulties. At the same time, make sure children or domestic animals will not have a free access to your solar equipment.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider. Even those who had experience with photovoltaic cells in the past prefer to converse with solar experts before making a final decision. Needless to say that if you are going to install solar batteries for the first time, it is essential to learn from actual professionals. It will be easy to select the best option and utilize your solar panels to the full if you manage to do everything right.