Ways to Use Solar Power at Your Home

solar panels at home usageDue to widespread development of solar industry, more and more people choose to become energetically independent and switch to environmentally friendly source of energy. That is why the following information can be useful for those who are at the beginning of changing process, as installment of solar panels requires you to make some preparations.

The First Method: Connection to the Grid

Contact a Professional

The best solution to install solar panels is to use grid tied systems, moreover, in case you live in a house with reliable power. In such way you will be given tax credits, while it will also be possible to sell excess power back to the power company. But if you want to take advantages of such installation, you are required to hire a licensed specialist to make solar panels installed. In spite of these tax benefits, the other important aspect is the high voltage of these systems that may cause serious injuries, so you should not try to make it by your own.

Make a Research

Before choosing definite systems you need to check if you have taken into consideration all important requirements and factors. For example, some states work only with particular solar system brands, or even don’t provide federal benefits. So you should better pay much attention to preparations, or even use professional assistance of Solar Panels Company in your searching process. This will also be very helpful, when you begin choosing an appropriate amount of solar panels to supply your house with necessary power.  You do know that solar panels are becoming very popular among the US citizens, so you better make a right choice.

Choose an Inverter

Most people live in areas where AC power is used, so you need to use an inverter to convert the DC current provided by solar panels to AC power used in grid system. There are two possible ways to convert the power: you may install just one inverter connected to all panels, or use small inverters for each individual panel. Such variant can be more appropriate, as it will be much easier to find any problems in your system in future.

Use a Disconnect

Sometimes it is required to connect grid tied systems to an AC or DC disconnect, which is a breaker box making solar systems separated from the grid system. Any necessary repairs will be done easier with such device. Your hired specialist will choose the right disconnect, if it is necessary in your case.

Remember about Extra Power Meters

The power company will definitely install extra power meters to make it possible to measure such parameters like grid input and output, as well as off-grid use. You should get all necessary information contacting your power company.

Make Connection

By connecting the inverter to the disconnect and then to the main meter, you will start your solar panel kit system. In such way you will feed electricity into the grid system and in some time you can get yourself a monthly paycheck from the power company.

Think of Adding Batteries

To prevent possible lose of main grid power due to stormy weather or rural area, you can use an extra bank of deep cycle batteries connected separately to your solar system and your house. It will store power in case of any emergencies. To prevent your batteries from overcharge, you should also install a charge controller.

The Second Method: Making an Independent System

Install Your Solar System

solar panel companyAccording to the necessary power to supply the entire house, you should choose the most appropriate type of solar system and the amount of panels to install on the roof. You should also ask for professional help to make these calculations more accurate and your solar system more profitable. Also pay attention to free space on your roof to use it more beneficial, as some extra installations might be necessary. In this article, you will ind out where to install solar panels and how to use all the space wisely.

Install a Charge Controller

Your solar panels must be connected to a charge controller to prevent your batteries from overcharging by regulating the amount of power in your system. According to such method your own system is not connected to main grid, so you definitely need to use batteries.

Check the Necessity of an Inverter

Your solar panels provide DC electricity that must be converted to AC power by using special inverter. So, if your house is situated in an area with AC power, you will definitely need such device.

Make Connections

When you have connected the solar panels to inverter (one for all panels or separate inverter for each panel), you can connect this inverter to charge controller. In order to introduce power to the system, you are required to make this last connection. If all the described steps have been fulfilled in a right way, you will get the following sequences: the solar panels are connected to the charge converter, and then to the batteries, which are connected to the inverter, which is connected to the main system.