Volkswagen Scandal: Era Of Fossil Fuels Ends Soon

Volkswagen cars scandalNot so long ago Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, stated that recent scandal over emissions of Volkswagen cars means that traditional fuels are in decline (find out more about Tesla’s PowerWall and the end of fossil fuels). The whole fuss proves that people desperately need an alternative energy to make up for contamination.

The Chief executive of Tesla company says that soon the way we use energy is about to change. His goal is to provide people with options that will let them escape fossil fuels dependence. Not only it will help prevent climate change and make this planet a better place for future generations. Musk emphasizes that alternative sources of energy can and will be a lot more efficient than traditional fuels like diesel, gasoline, and coal.

Details of the Conference

Natural resource worked themselves out. Tesla chief executive Elon Musk believes that inventors have reached the top and it will be impossible to make a better use out of fossil fuels. However, all technological processes need energy, thus Musk thinks that to continue technological advancement scientist should get away from traditional fuels and turn to something essentially new. It can be something like solar panel companies produce!

This is why the Tesla Motors company focused on production of electric vehicles. Their models have proven to be luxurious and fast despite being powered by LIB (lithium-ion batteries). Nonetheless, right now the majority of cars created by Tesla inventors is charged by traditional power grid. This means that despite being theoretically less harmful and a lot greener than you typical car, Tesla’s still use electricity generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

It is important to mention that in September 2015, after an investigation made by Environmental Protection Agency, Volkswagen admitted that its diesel cars have a special software installed and it allows them to trick emission control systems. Several countries launched an investigation into criminal charges against Volkswagen for cheating on emissions tests. Right now the infamous carmaker has to deal with billions in fines.

Electric Car Alternative

electric cars infoThe Tesla representatives think that aforementioned scandal proves that the age of petrol engines is about to end. The company itself produces their electric cars in Fremont, California. They also plan to build a facility in Nevada that will provide them with new batteries. This will help Tesla increase manufacturing output.

Additionally, Tesla CEO hopes to establish a new factory in Europe soon. It will help the company branch into European electric car market and spare shipping expenses. Needless to say that the need to ship these cars makes them less Eco-friendly since the whole process creates carbon pollution. This is the reason local production is critical to make electric cars less harmful in every aspect.

Sustainable Driving Dream

To precede forward automakers have to lunch low-carbon models that do not depend on fossil fuels in any way. This is when alternative energy can show its worth. A number of global industries as well as minor inventors opt sustainable sources of energy to create models that could drive thanks to alternative energy alone. Already today it is possible to find several solar car prototypes.

While the technology is yet to get popular, a lot of companies have shown interest in Eco-friendly vehicles. Some investors are ready to support researches and boost the creation of new advanced models, but for now the funding is insufficient to make an appreciable breakthrough and introduce solar-powered cars to the masses.

Elon Musk himself mentions that despite VW scandal people should not give up on Eco-friendly technologies. On the contrary, recent events prove that traditional diesel and gasoline have their limits and it is time to switch to essentially greener alternatives.