Turning Windows Into Solar Panels

transparent solar cellsHave you ever thought that one day your windows will be able to generate electricity? The concept of the new see-through technology can literally turn any glassy surface into a solar panel. Not only the windows, but even the screen of your phone will be suitable for this innovation.

CEO of this project explained that soon it will be possible to cover both buildings and gadgets with transparent PV panels. The company Ubiquitous Energy plans to gather enough funds and develop see-through solar cells. This start-up will allow people to produce energy without making any alterations in the architecture of their property.

Solution to Energy Problem

High efficiently of these see-through cells will let them work on any flat surface. Large enterprises may get a chance to save on energy. It will be possible to install new panels in every office. Like this they produce enough Eco-friendly energy to supply needs of the whole company.

As for private house owners, this technology will help them solve several issues. Not all roofs are suitable for installation of regular solar panels. Covering windows with solar cells can actually make a difference for residents. However, already today professionals like SolarPanelsCompany – US based solar energy company – can help you pick an option that will suit your particular needs. Some panels can be placed on the ground level or even walls of your house.

Transparent Solar Cells

fully transparent solar panelsThe new technology will include special coating capable of absorbing sunrays without blocking visible light. The film of the solar cells will only capture solar energy. This smart design will be groundbreaking for solar panel industry all over the world.

Right now there are few factors that prevent potential purchasers from going solar. Some people think that photovoltaics are not productive enough. But that is untrue: the efficiency of solar panels is decent and allows numerous residents solve their energy problems once and for all.

Nonetheless, scientists believe that the true potential of solar energy is yet to be reached. The Sun is an ultimate source of energy that can change the way people cover their needs. Soon the majority will turn away from fossil fuels and the grid repentance in favor of renewables.

Researchers like Ubiquitous Energy try to improve solar technologies and make them accessible for every family. Both private investors and the government boost solar industry. PV panel systems can help thousands of families save on energy bills. But the concept of see-through cells will be akin to a breakthrough.

never pay for your electricity bill

Pros and Cons of New Technology

The main purpose of the project is to make solar panels viable despite architectural characteristics of property and the terrain. Transparent solar cells will let people install PV systems right over the windows of their houses. The potential space you can cover is nearly limitless.

If everything goes according to blueprints, photovoltaics will capture sunrays without blocking them. Organic chemists are about to create material capable of these functions. Transportation of electrons will be smooth and efficient thanks to special design of the array.

At the same time when inventors try to harvest only invisible rays, they are bound to partially sacrifice productivity of solar panels. This is the issue they are yet to solve. For now the company-pioneer puts a great effort into the development of transparent cells. They hope to attract investments to start up mass production and get their product onto the market.

For now people interested in solar goods can fix upon regular PV panels. They are perfect to generate green and cheap energy. Not to mention that typical solar panels can work faultlessly for more than 20 years.