Transparent Solar Technology as a New ‘Wave of the Future’

solar energy sourceThis year is told to be a new era of the solar technologies. That is because of a new invention called ‘transparent solar panels’. The experts from the Michigan State University are saying that the new way of getting the electricity is going to bring a completely new system of getting the electricity. Everything from our cars and phones to the windows is going to change. Everything that has a transparent part will transform to not just serve its old features, but also to produce the electricity to people.

A bold statement has been said by the inventors that the new technologies would be able to ‘almost cover the U.S power needs’. One of the experts in an interview says that we are just beginning to hit this new era, and soon we are going to meet a new amount of marketing of this new technology.

Mr. Lunt from MSU and his colleagues are the pioneers of this field. Last year they found out about these new materials that have not been used in the solar panels yet. Those materials pick up the ultraviolet light to produce energy from it. This allows the manufacturers to install it in all of the transparent surfaces, including all types of windows, meaning that by being installed in all of the house’s windows this will allow shortening the amount of money spent on the other types of electricity. Moreover, unlike the old system of the usual solar panels, this will allow to still keep the transparency completely the same as it was before. The material will not blur the picture, nor do any kind of a harm to anything around it.

By the way, have you heard that recently Britain spent the whole day without coal energy? That was a great step for the country’s ecology.

transparent solar panelsHowever, there are still a lot of things to work on for the MSU experts. This new technology still does not fit the needs of bigger houses or shaded places. In addition, the problem with it is that a moving surface will still get less sunlight, therefore making this system less useful for the cars. Moreover, it is said that the efficiency of the transparent solar panels is less than its older brothers. The inventors claim that a clear panel will have up to a 5% efficiency on a totally sunny day, while the normal panels will bring you from 10% to 15%, depending on the type.

Anyways, this new invention seems to be one of the biggest breakdowns in the power development systems in the past decades. Looking at the things with the optimism, we are going to see that if the research has enough foundation it will be developed to be one of the most important systems in the electricity sphere. Just in the United States, a huge amount of glass surfaces might be used to serve the needs of the people. The researchers say that those 5-7 billions square meters will be able to cover almost a half of the energy consumption in the country. Moreover, with the development of the new systems, this number will rise to almost a hundred, being a new era technology from the future.

In the end, it is important to say that even being a potentially a new breakdown in the power supplement field, the transparent solar panels are too expensive to be used right now. It is also not rentable to use it in most of the cases since by installing a solar panel on the roof of the building would bring much more power for a lower price. However, if the technology advances to at least the same level as the normal solar panels this will be a new chapter in the electricity.