Thin Solar Panels To Charge Your Phone

solar phone chargersIf you enjoy advanced technologies that can be used on the move, new thin solar charger is a nice find. Light and portable these batteries can quickly charge your cell phone using the energy of the sun alone. This means that there is no need for power line to stay in touch with your friends and family even if you enjoy active life. Thus this device can definitely grab attention of enthusiastic travelers and hikers.

However, creators of this solar gadget believe that it will become an item in demand. Almost everyone has experienced the situation when their phone battery is dying and charging it is vital. Imagine if sunlight was enough to bring your phone back to life. Thanks to this device anyone can be a lot more flexible.

Photovoltaic Technologies Today

Solar technologies keep improving with every passing day. Expensive and large at first, now they are light, thin and accessible. High quality solar equipment is a solid investment since photovoltaics can work faultlessly with a little maintenance. Basically, once you purchase PV panels and cover the installation fee, they will start producing renewable energy that will help you cut your electricity bills.

But what about other ways of solar energy utilization? You cannot surprise people with shiny cells covering the rooftop of your house anymore. Surely, regular solar panels can benefit all residents and cut their dependence on utility companies, however, there are many other devices that can significantly improve your everyday experience.

All solar devices feed on sunlight and do not pollute the environment. Sustainable and firm, solar panels are getting popular among all segments of the population. They generate Eco-friendly electricity that cuts above all other sources of energy.

Like this PV solar panels supply both households and enterprises with electricity and let us cover our energy needs without damaging the nature around. Nonetheless, today solar energy is more than just a green alternative to fossil fuels. It is an endless resource that can change the way we live.

Solar Phone Charger

‘Solar Paper’ can charge your cell phone wherever you are as long as there is enough sunlight to power it. This gadget is thin and weights only 4,5 oz (about 130 gram). It only take a few hours to fully charge an iPhone 6, but you can use it for any other device as long as it has a USB port.

Another interesting feature of this invention is that it can restart automatically. Unlike other gadgets created before, ‘Solar Paper’ restarts on its own after a passing cloud or occasional shadow stops its work.

The main drawback of this technology is that it requires sunrays and can be used only during the daytime. Obviously, light intensity also affects the work of the device. While any PV solar system can generate electricity using both scattered and direct light, ‘Solar Paper’ is too small to produce enough energy without necessary amount of sunshine. Inventors plan to improve the energy output and make the battery a lot more efficient.

Future of the Project

solar panel companiesOne thing is obvious: future of solar technologies is very bright! Right now ‘Solar Paper’ is in a development stage. The team of inventors started a fundraiser to update the technology and deliver new prototypes. A lot of people already preordered a sample of this device. Reliable and easy to use, it can become a valuable purchase if you are familiar with energy problems and prefer to live on the go.

Despite the reason you are interested in solar technologies, they are bound to improve the quality of your life. Innovative solar devices as well as regular photovoltaic panels can change the way you use energy and help you become smart with your time and resources.

Solar Panels Company wishes you a good day!