The Miracle of South African Solar Landscape

eco environment animals protectSolar panels became popular in South Africa a while ago. Before only several houses could be seen with shiny cells covering their rooftops. But things are changing and more people are willing to install solar PV systems. There are 3 main reasons they are interested in photovoltaics: renewable energy is beneficial, local suppliers are high-priced, solar panels are getting less expensive day by day.

No wonder that today South Africa is one of the leaders when it comes to energy researches. Scientists are committed to exploring solar technologies and make them accessible for everyone. Their goal is to generate eco-friendly energy and develop the whole infrastructure.

Some inventors are rather optimistic and share their opinion about the Integrated Resource Plan that is bound to change the way people use energy resources. By 2030 they hope to achieve solar power breakthrough.

Understanding Benefits

The traditional grid is still commonly used by the majority and will be for a while. Nonetheless, South African scientists believe that it can take less than 15 years to reach 9600 MW or solar energy. Sounds pretentious but it is possible. Only recently solar cells gained necessary attention and the results are already promising.

More households turn to renewable energy and look for suitable solar panels. It is a smart decision and there is no need to wait another decade to get photovoltaics. Solar Panels Company 2016 can help you pick the right PV system and start generating your own energy immediately.

It is important to mention that not all families can buy solar panels because of the money question. However, this shouldn’t prevent them from living an eco-friendly life. There are several interesting tricks you can use to lower your energy bill.

While it is nice that private sector isolar cells PV panelss trying to go solar, state facilities should also make a move. South African energy utility Eskom is trying its best to make a good use of renewables. The state company is building new facilities that may start using solar energy. So-called solar plants can benefit the whole country, its economics, and environment.

The main advantage of solar powered technologies is that their price is dropping rapidly. Researches come up with new ways of making materials and production less costly. For now, silicon-based immobile PV panels are the most common choice. Nonetheless, they can generate a lot of energy. Often it is possible to tilt them and it can greatly increase the amount of electricity they can generate. Additionally, solar panel installers make sure that panel rows do not cast shadows upon each other during the day.

But there are different types of solar technologies. Some are high-tech and expensive. The best example can be found at the Sishen Plant. Their inventors have created extremely efficient panels that can rotate along with the sun. These devices require additional tracking elements. While these details increase the initial cost of panels, they can benefit solar plants long term by capturing more sunshine. You can read about high-tech solar material that can improve the base productivity of all solar panels.

Concentrated Solar Energy

Certain solar technologies can redirect sunlight and use both solar energy and produced heat. The heat can be transferred and used to boil water. This way the mechanism can drive a turbine which is similar to how coal energy stations work.

The technology requires a number of mirrors that will reflect sun rays to a certain spot. One of the first prototypes created by South African inventors is Khi Solar 1. It can significantly boost solar energy industry and make solar plants viable.

Already today solar energy has numerous benefits and almost no drawbacks. Renewables help people avoid harmful emissions and preserve the nature. This the reason scientists from all over the world try to find out how to improve green energy results. Additionally, the price of PV systems decreases all the time. It is only natural that scientists state that solar panels can solve world’s energy crisis. This is an attractive option and people should go solar to start enjoying cheap and environmentally friendly energy as soon as possible!