Cut Your Electricity Bills with Solar Shutters

solar shutters for homeA green lifestyle is extremely popular nowadays not just because it’s eco-friendly but also due to the possibility to save on electricity bills. Solar power is considered to be a worldwide trend. Sadly, not everyone lives in the house with an access to the solar panels. Thankfully, solar energy companies can deal with the problem.

Ukrainian inventor who has faced this problem decided to find a reasonable solution independently. As a result, he presented a fresh and promising startup – the blinds that generate solar energy almost the same way as solar panels on the roofs of the buildings do! It may sound unbelievable but it works!

Basic Operating Principle of Power Blinds

Evgeny Eric, one of the inventors of the SolarGaps, claims in the Kyiv Post that the working principle of the power blinds is extremely simple. In fact, they work as common solar panels but the panels are embedded into the blinds and that allows the tool to generate power. As any common shutters, the invention is hanged on the window.

The main advantage of the blinds lies in the simplicity and efficiency of the tool that allows users to produce power with improvised and common means. “It’s cheap and easy. Our goal was to create something simple but useful, the tool that really works”, – says Evgeny.

The main question, which may arise in your head, can relate to the amount of produced energy and that’s reasonable. An inventor gives the answer to this question: “The blinds can generate over 100 kilowatts of energy per month. Approximately this amount of energy is needed to satisfy Ukrainian citizens”. Probably, you have checked the number that appears on your counter at the end of the month. Generally, the monthly amount of energy consumed by the American doesn’t exceed this number unless you are familiar with energy-saving ideas for your home.

Additional Options of the Smart Blinds

The smart blinds will soon occupy a solid position among top solar power inventions. The next benefit a user can get by using the blinds is the possibility to dispose the abundance energy. So, you can either keep it in batteries or sell it to the energy company for the higher price!

The shutters are called smart as they independently change the angle following the strongest light source to accumulate more power. They also “understand” when it’s necessary to stay open or close as the tool is equipped with a light indicator. By the way, a user has an opportunity to manage the tool via Bluetooth and smartphone!

Still, as Evgeny claims, the invention will be upgraded soon and the owners of IOS and Android will need only the Internet to control the light balance in their room.

Technical Characteristics

home solar panels details150 pre-orders have been already made by the people all over the world but for what? SolarGaps is a promising startup, which is already estimated at $1 million! In fact, the pleasure isn’t cheap and Evgeny claims that users will need 4-5 years to return their money back. Surely, right now there are easier ways to utilize solar energy and go green. For instance, Laura Severs, a writer, editor and publicist, mentions in her article that being a green homeowner is easier than ever before.

So, at the beginning, you will be charged for $200 per square meter of the window and an additional $100 for an inverter, which sets a needed alternating current. An installment costs extra $50. Still, the key moment of the whole article and the answer to the reasonable question “Is it worth money?” – the smart solar blinds will serve you for minimum 25 years!

When it comes to such costly purchases, it’s crucial to think about its benefits. If an easy, low-cost (after purchasing, eco-friendly, and original tool for accumulating energy isn’t a killer proof for you, then you need to manage your budget.