Solar Roads of the Future Producing Energy Today

solar-powered roadsNot so long ago the very first solar road was shown to the public. Now outskirts of Amsterdam are connected with a path covered with solar cells. Sounds like a dream but scientists managed to pull it off despite all difficulties. During the day the surface of this road constantly bathes in sunrays. This allows researchers to test its working capacity and come up with new ideas for improvement. Additionally it can already generate a significant amount of energy.

Promising beginning

The roadway was supposed to be longer in the beginning, but the costs as well as risks made creators use their resources carefully. However, by now it is obvious that this project is the future of solar energy production and inventors plan to improve and extend the photovoltaic path soon.

It appears that nobody expected this creation to be so productive. Not even developers could predict that in less than six months it will generate enough energy to cover needs of a single family for one year.

And this is just a beginning. Creators are delighted with the success and plan to increase the funding. Some companies show interest in this project as well. They believe that solar roads can become a solid investment.

Installation and employment

A lot of householders and entrepreneurs also look for opportunities to install PV panels on both rooftops and ground level to increase the amount of energy generated. However, it is important to understand that each location has different features and successful experience of the Netherlands is not the only option. The best way to make sure your purchase will be beneficial is to consult major solar distributor like Solar Panels Company.

solar roadsPurchaser must take into account a number of significant factors. Temperature, shade and atmospheric precipitates can influence the work of PV panels. Nevertheless, if installation of solar equipment gets popular and photovoltaic roads become a part of our life, it will cut electricity bills and help prevent global warming. What is more, it is a lot easier to install and maintain solar cells on the roadway.

At the same time ground level panels will require additional protection since people will step on them. Right now creators of photovoltaic roadways try to develop cells able to withstand the weight of cars.

Benefits and obstacles

The major benefit of solar roads is that they create renewable energy. This way developers plan to decrease fossil fuel consumption and provide cities with renewable source of energy. Electricity generated by PV solar systems is eco-friendly and gives off no contamination. It is beneficial for both environment and government, this is why so many countries encourage their citizens to install photovoltaic.

As for solar roads, people should not be afraid to step on their surface not only because they are safe and do not affect your health, but also because solar roadways have rough texture that will prevent you from falling. Surely, officials demand more proof of the road’s safety and developers are trying to do everything possible to ensure their creation is safe and durable. In the future this project can be used to cover roads in heavily populated areas with photovoltaic as well.

One major drawback of this project is its cost. Creators seek funding and plan to conduct more researches to optimize the work of solar path and make it more affordable. The issue is that panels on the road cannot tilt. This is why they get less direct sunlight than cells allocated on the roof. However, with the increased efficiency it will be possible to make this idea pay off.

Would you want solar roadways for your city? Let us know!