Solar Powered Car That Can Work Forever

solar cars revolutionIs it possible to power a sports car by solar energy? EVX Ventures Company claims that this is more than just a dream. Not so long ago their officials have announced a prototype of the car that will be able work thanks to the energy of the Sun alone.

The idea of a solar powered vehicle is not new and many inventors tried to create a decent model. EVX Ventures went further, and now the company works on “The Immortus”, an electric car that is covered with solar cells. This photovoltaic technology is fairly similar to regular solar panels. However, while it is possible to learn everything about home PV systems at Solar Panels Company, solar cars are not as popular and accessible. But far-seeing inventors are about to change that. Soon they are going to unveil a model that will change the way we use alternative energy.

Details of the Project

This high-tech solar car will have two seats and a lithium battery capable of storing electricity. Smart design and high-quality materials will make this vehicle light, aerodynamic and mobile. Its approximate weight is about 1,100 lbs (500 kg). Thanks to amazing mass to power ratio, it can move on solar energy alone.

The main advantage of this invention is that it is free from fossil fuel dependence. Purchasers of this car will not have to worry about oil or electricity prices. Solar energy is free and renewable, so, as long as there is Sun in the sky, owner will have a chance to get anywhere he wants.

The other positive feature of the Immortus, is that it looks a lot better than any other solar vehicle created before. Its design is appealing and stylish, so, those who care about the look of their creation will be agreeably surprised once they see it. EVX Ventures even designed unique tires to match futuristic style of their solar car.

It is important to mention that in theory the Immortus is able to run permanently on solar power if the driver does not exceed 60 km per hour limit. Surely, this is impossible during the night time, however, the battery of this solar car can hold charge even after the Sun has set. Creators have also mentioned that the prototype can reach up to 160 km per hour if it is powered by solar electricity partially. Without any other sources of energy its record is 80 km per hour.

These results are impressive, and yet development group plans to improve the prototype before starting the mass production of solar powered vehicles. The major issue is the estimated price of the model. EVX Ventures is going to sell each solar sports car for $370,000. Representatives of the company are realistic and do not expect to sell more than one hundred of these high-tech vehicles.

If everything goes according to plans of the inventors and they manage to raise enough funds, a final version of a solar powered sports car will be completed in 2016. You know, after we heard news that people can live off the grid in solar capsules, everything seems pretty normal.

Solar Cars and Green Lifestyle

solar and green livingPeople interested in green lifestyle, as well as those who adore new advanced technologies, have already shown a great interest in this prototype. Being able to drive your vehicle without a need to service it with gasoline every now and then sounds like a tempting offer.

Sadly, the price of this solar innovation is too high. For now, the best an average citizen can do to reduce dependence on traditional sources of energy is to install home solar panels. It is the best way to lower your power bills and protect the environment.