Solar Power Vs. Fossil Fuels

solar power or fossil fuel

Modern people can’t imagine life without electricity, gas, and heating as it has long been a part of our everyday life. But what if something that keeps our comfortable life warm and light, brings invaluable damage to the environment every day? The scientists around the world are engaged in changing the approach to consuming the energy and making it possible to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy sources, one of which is solar energy.

So fossil fuels and solar energy: what is better and why we have to choose only one of them? 

Traditional or Alternative Energy Source?

Fossil fuels are the most spread out resource on earth at this time. They are non-renewable resources that are extracted from the ground. The formation of this fuel takes millions of years, and scientists found it impossible to reproduce it in the lab. Therefore, in the last decades, people started asking a question what will happen when the last sources of fossil fuels are empty?

Therefore, alternative energy sources are such a popular topic now and they are beginning to be actively introduced in people’s life and more people are thinking on how to choose the solar generator. However, the non-renewability of fossil fuels is not the only reason for losing the buttle fossil fuels vs solar energy. Extraction and processing of this type of fuel cause damage to the ecology of our planet that might be irreversible.

Solar Energy Vs. Fossil Fuels Statistics

Let’s talk numbers. One of the biggest reasons to be worried about a complete rejection of fossil fuels is that thousands of professionals will simply be left without work. However, statistics show that unemployment in the energy sector is not something that is going to happen. Only in America in 2016, 1 million Americans were recruited to work in the field of renewable energy. Of which 360 000 is solar energy. While the combined fossil fuel industries of coal, gas, and oil only employed only 200,000.

fossil fuel

Also worth noting is that the fossil fuels industry has the long-established machine and new jobs are added only in the case of processing a new oilfield, for example. While the industry of alternative energy, solar energy, in particular, is developing quite rapidly and only in the year 74,000 new jobs were added.

Therefore, it will be fair to note that the development of alternative fuel and this industry has a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the labor market. And specialists in fossil fuels need just to retrain to continue their work in the energy field.

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Cost of Solar Energy Vs. Fossil Fuels 

never pay for your electricity billMany people of old hardening prefer the usual fuel. Because it is something familiar and understandable. And besides traditional energy resources are much cheaper than alternative ones, including solar energy. Yes, it is. At the moment, the solar energy is more expensive than fossil fuels, but this is temporary.

The high cost of solar energy is due to the fact that the technologies are in the process of development, but this will not always be so. From year to year, solar energy becomes cheaper and more affordable. So speaking of solar energy cost vs fossil fuels, we can confidently state that soon solar energy will become more accessible, which will probably convince every one of the solar energy advantages.

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The energy of the sun is an excellent alternative to all these fuming, burning fossil fuels, which have caused significant harm to the environment and contribute to global warming. Therefore, even without taking into prices and comparing solar energy vs. fossil fuels cost, preference is increasingly being given to alternative sources of energy that do not pump any harm to nature, are constantly available and quite efficient.