Solar Power To Heat Your Pool

pool heating tipsPeople can spend quite a lot heating their swimming pools. What is more, if you do it in a wrong way, you can harm the nature. But since pools are usually installed in locations where it’s naturally warmer during the year it might be a good idea to use the sun energy to heat the water. Following tips will help you achieve comfortable temperature while not spending too much.

Consider Your Needs

To efficiently heat water you should be aware of the amount of sun you can get on your property. If your pool is in the shade it will prevent you from heating up water effectively. Also, pay attention to the size of your pool. The bigger it is, the longer you will have to wait until it is perfectly heated.

But do not give up on the idea of warm water even if your swimming pool does not meet the conditions. Solar technologies keep improving. Today photovoltaics can produce enough energy to heat the water without harming either your wallet or the environment. You can learn about advanced solar devices for your home at Solar Panels Company. And, by the way, organic solar panels have a bright future.

Solar Collector

If your roof is spacious enough, you can install an unglazed or glazed transpired solar collector. It will pump the water through tubes and naturally warm it by solar energy. Additional benefit is that this system extends the life of solar panels. All photovoltaics work better when it is cold, so, heat exchange can be effective in every way here.

An unglazed collector won’t cost you too much thanks to a simple design and inexpensive parts. However, the advantage you will get is reasonable. If you are not short on funds, you can install a glazed solar collector. It is not as cheap but far more efficient. Be sure to consider both options.

Solar Rings

solar panels companyInflatable solar rings look like disks that blanket the water and absorb sunlight during the daytime. They can be pretty effective as a single device can transfer about 21,000 BTU in one day.

These discs have several advantages. Sun rings are easy to store. It takes only a couple of minutes to mount or remove them. If you have enough of them, you can cover about 4/5 of your swimming pool and heat it relatively fast. They can be used for about 5 years and considering their low cost, it is a valuable purchase. And the best part – solar discs do not require electricity.

Solar Blanket

Usually the heat simply scatters if you do not cover your pool. Luckily, there is a device that can help pool owners prevent the loss of energy. It is a solar blanket. This cover is specifically designed to absorb sunlight and heat up the water. A high quality solar blanket will let the water absorb sun energy during the day and not lose it at night.

The main advantage of this bubble wrap like blanket is that it can increase the temperature of water by 15 degree without any effort on your side. Just place it over the water so the heat cannot disperse. Keep in mind that bubbled side should be facing down.

Pool Maintenance

While solar devices can help you heat the water, you shouldn’t forget about common ways of energy loss prevention. Pool owners must maintain all filters to guarantee flawless performance. This way heat won’t disperse while the water is circulated trough solar collectors.

Maintaining pumps is also important because high efficiency of solar collectors is impossible unless the whole system works properly. So, the best way to keep your swimming pool heated is to employ solar technologies and regularly take care of your swimming pool!