Solar Panels and Hotel Industry

hotel industry and solar energyAs more people are choosing an eco-green lifestyle, more industries have to respond and be relevant. It is the subject to the tourism industry as well: hotels around the world claim being energy conserving and carbon friendly.

Solar panels is a way to become pollutant-free and even ordinary people can buy and install solar cells on their roofs. One can do that even without living the house, just check an online panel company and get everything needed.

Eco-green Hotels in the USA

One of the most famous hotels chains in the world, the Hyatt, has boasted with recently installed solar power system in New Jersey resort. It is not subject to the marketing – that was an example for other hotels – a step towards saving the environment and producing renewable solar power, which is clean and does not pollute the atmosphere or water.

As reported the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick has located the 32,000-square-foot, 421-kilowatt solar panels on the last floor of the hotel’s garage. The solar power system utilizes the licensed PowerGuard roof tile technology, which is a non-penetrating, wind-resistant system. This implementation, according to the hotel representatives, will help diminish CO2 emissions of the state during the next 30 years, and will contribute to the disposal of state’s oil dependence as well.

Moreover, the hotel has taken a few more steps to save the eco-system and adopted the principles of food composting and recycling; it has also purchased a new kitchen exhaust hood control system and CFL lights for energy savings.

The Australian Experience

An Australian resort can boast of being the first 100% carbon neutral resort and tour business on the continent. Actually, the Solar Eco Cabins and Interpretive Centre at Hidden Valley Cabins resort has installed a solar power system and that helped the resort achieve the Advanced Ecotourism Certification.

This program, which issues certificates, usually monitors and audits various organizations’ eco-green tourism statements; on the ground of their work it shares information with travel agencies and tourists. In order to get an approval, a resort has to prove that they have the best practice environmental resilience, natural area management, and high-quality ecotourism experiences. The fact that affordability of solar cells increases makes this process easier.

Such a step brings notable results: as the representatives of Valley Cabins say, the resort already generates all of its renewable power and purchases carbon offsets for other carbon emissions.

The Future

future of solar energyBecause of the global environmental pollution issues, more scientists insist upon preserving the environment for future generations. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc., which is known as ASHRAE has recently started the “Advanced Energy Design Guide for Highway Lodging” to assist new places of resort to reach a 30% energy savings over lowest code requirements. This guidance grants information on how to get net-zero-power buildings and advanced levels of power savings.

Solar cells do not pollute the air, water or soil and require little maintenance. The main argument against installing solar power system is the cost, as solar cells are not affordable for most of the people. But, according to the recent experiments, there is a new type of solar panels – polymer solar cells, which can cost less and be even more reliable.

It is important to save energy and decrease the amount of used power. Using energy from the sun is a way to help the environment and save money as well, which is why solar panels are becoming more popular. Solar energy is a renewable source of power and it does not require natural resources; moreover, it is free. A lot of farmers around the world install the panels in order to save on electricity bills.