Solar Generator: When You Really Need It and How to Choose One?

solar generatorUsing alternative sources of energy is one of the few ways how we can save our humanity from a predicted environmental disaster.

Electricity and energy produced from fossil fuels have been used for several centuries, so no wonder why humans already sound the alarm.

And since we can no longer imagine our lives without electrical devices and electricity in general, the entire world is now switching to the so-called renewable energy sources like water, wind or solar power.

Wanna make a contribution to the environmental prosperity of our planet? Then, start with the simplest – purchasing a good solar generator. If you own a solar generator, you’ll make the world happier.

As a starting point, here is what you need to know about the solar generating equipment.

What Is a Solar Generator?

Simply put, a solar generator is a standard grid that you connect to a residential solar power system to collect sunlight. Once you install solar panels, they will be converting solar power into electricity and send the energy to the generator. It typically consists of a power pack or a powerful battery that keeps the power inside. Also, solar generators turn direct current (DC) power into the alternating current (AC) power – the one that you can get from a standard house plug-in.

Principles of Work

Solar panels or solar photovoltaic modules convert the solar energy into electricity. During this so-called photovoltaic effect, the photon energy causes the electrons disruption and that’s when the electrical power occurs. Solar generators collect this power and as long as the battery has some power in it, generators are able to supply outlets with the AC power.

Types of Solar Generators

The market is full of different solar generator kits with all kinds of various features and functionalities, there exist main 2 categories to classify all generators – a portable version and solar generators for home. Speaking of latter, most of them are backup solar generators entitled that do not depend on the power outage. This means batteries gather and hold the electric power so that it can be used later, for example, during cloudy weather or at night.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Solar Generator

  1. Severe weather conditions or power outage. So, none of us is secured to unexpected severe weather conditions or even natural disasters like tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and thunderstorms (especially if your area is always threatened). In case of ones, you are likely to stay without electricity for several days minimum. However, remember that most solar power generators produce power in advance? They can not only provide you with electricity to help you charge your cell phone or use electrical appliances but also turn on electrical-power medical devices if they are needed.
  2. Living outside civilization. Do you go camping, boating or hiking once in a while? Then, having a portable solar powered generator is really a good idea. Being off-grid may indeed give you feeling of being relieved from privileges of civilization. But let’s be honest – even during camping, we tend to use staff powered by electricity. And we are not even talking about cell phones or other electronic gadgets. Think of the essentials like kettles, coffee makers or lights that you’ll definitely bring to the camping place.
  3. Outdoor gatherings. Finally, if you are not a fan of camping or hiking, portable solar generators can be used in the backyard of your house! And don’t say that you are not doing BBQ parties or bonfires with a family and friends once in a while. Extra lights, music, fans and anything else might be needed for your perfect backyard chillout. So take care of it now instead of hassling when everything is already in its full swing.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Solar Generator

  1. solar generatorsWhat do you need? Depending on where and how you are going to use your generator, you’ll understand which type suits you the best. Clearly, if you need one for your camping trips, then your choice will be a small portable generator that is less powerful than regular solar generators placed in your house. On the contrary, if you are looking for backup solar systems, opt for larger and more powerful battery capacities.
  2. Be realistic. It’s not like solar power is an eternal energy source. You shouldn’t set super high requirements to a solar generating system just because none of them can power everything in your house for a week without charges. The only solution is to purchase several units and install more solar panels.
  3. Research! If you are searching for the best deal, the only tips we can give you is to make a thorough research! You can figure out more about solar panels and how they work, battery types and how they are charged. Finally, before making a purchase, read the solar generator reviews of the particular solar panels provider. Nothing is better than the experience of real customers.

Now you know the basics about solar generators, how they work and why you should buy ones today.