Expanding the Boundaries: Solar Energy on Mars

solar energy and mars explorationIn 1961 the humanity has made one small step for man, which was called “one giant leap for the mankind.” That was the year when the astronauts from “Project Apollo” landed on the Moon and the first human walked on the surface of our natural satellite.

Today people are dreaming about another planet – Mars, which is considered to be the most habitable planet in our solar system. NASA is planning to colonize Mars by the 2030s and the project is being actively worked out. It is important to mention that solar technologies can help achieve Mars breakthrough in the immediate future.

Big Plans

Mars mission planners are developing solar technologies which will make the life of the very first inhabitants easier and more productive. For example, according to NASA representatives, they think about employing solar power, carrying advanced telecommunications gear and using powerful radar to explore and employ Martian resources.

Actually, solar energy is available for people on the Earth – you can find solar panels online and install the cells already today. There is no need to go on Mars or become an astronaut in order to experience the benefits of solar energy, which is usually converted electrical or thermal power. However, with each passing day photovoltaics are improving and becoming more accessible.

Solar Power Advantages

Solar energy is usually described as the cleanest source of renewable energy available for every man on the planet. There is a wide range of potential use cases: it is possible to generate electricity, provide light, heat water using solar power only. Sure enough, solar panels would be the best option for the first Marian colonies. They already have been routinely used on nearly all types of spacecraft for many years.

What makes solar power so compelling? In fact, power from the sun is a type of a flexible energy technology: solar power systems can be installed on any roof or on special areas. In theory, solar panels could replace huge power plants that produce electricity, as the energy the sun shares for sixty minutes could meet the global energy requirements for the whole year. Sadly, the majority is yet to realize that using natural resources mindlessly is not an option.

Too often the opponents of solar panels criticize this source of energy for being too expensive for an average human or not very efficient. Nevertheless, solar energy is being called very beneficial today, and it is subject to financial matter as well. It became a popular topic of conversation and that is why solar energy is in high demand. Consequently, the technology is being improved considerably and more scientists work to make solar panels a very efficient and affordable source of energy. Today these technologies are used to create sustainable solar architecture.

Recently, the Chinese scientists have developed and successfully tested a new type of solar panels – polymer solar cells. It has actually become an answer to a question “What if there are too many rainy or cloudy days?” The academics want to prove the theory that rain-water is not an obstacle and can be even used to produce more energy during the rain.

The Technology of The Future

solar panels explorationSolar power could be presented in different forms and materials. For example, you can install solar panels on your roof and get electricity (or heat). There are pocket solar panels, which can be used to charge mobile devices, like smartphones or laptops. Solar energy is used in sustainable architecture: the architects integrate it in the materials for facilities. Moreover, recently the scientists have presented transparent solar energy windows. Solar panels are more available now: the US government has offered a program that allows deducting 30% of solar power system expenses off the federal taxes by means of an investment tax credit.

It is impossible to claim that by 2030 this planet will be successfully colonized and people will live on Mars. But, sure enough, multi-panel solar arrays will become the main source of power as this is already the clean and safe technology of the future!