Scientists Achieve Another Solar Breakthrough

solar energy companyEnergy is the key to living. Everything requires energy inputs and our activities are not exception. On the contrary, possesses that keep our society work demand more and more energy with every passing day. And while the majority keeps consuming precious natural resources without a second thought, some people look for green solutions.

Right now we mostly use nuclear power to generate energy. While it is not as directly contaminating as fossil fuels like natural gas, coal or petroleum, it is still a dangerous and relatively risky option. Currently it may seem safe but will it work out as smoothly in 50 or 100 years? Sadly, despite possible consequences we have to bear with these dangerous sources of energy since other alternatives can never satisfy our demand in electricity. Or can they?

Solar Power Today

Scientists believe that tomorrow is with solar technologies. It is cheap, renewable and gives off no contamination. Soon enough it will be possible to supply each house with cheap and Eco-friendly energy. Already today big companies as well as small households manage to cover their energy needs thanks to solar panels.

Solar power from Solar Panels Company is becoming more efficient to use and many bright minds work on a photovoltaic breakthrough. In the mean time, PV systems are viable since they can be utilized even without grid battery storage systems. This option suits homeowners since they are able to power house appliances with free energy and protect their families from harmful influence caused by burn of fossil fuels.

Even some modern companies take on the idea of renewable energy. Today they use PV panels to run machinery and partially cover energy needs with Eco-friendly electricity. It all depends on the area of installation and the number of solar cells in use. Some inventors believe that in the near future solar systems will not require large spaces to supply large factories with necessary amounts of energy.

Problems and resolutions

Of course, a few obstacles prevent us from using the energy of sun as a primary source of power. Renewables can change this world, however, it will take some time to improve the technology and make it efficient enough to replace nuclear plants.

First of all, it is essential to find a way to store the energy. While it is easy to operate machinery on solar power during the daytime, storing and using it later is somewhat inconvenient. This process requires installation of massive batteries.

And yet, researchers keep coming up with new promising ideas to overcome these difficulties. A group of students at University of Copenhagen, led by Anders Bo Skov is developing molecules able to collect and store considerable amounts of sun energy that can be easily utilized later. Additionally, they are trying to decrease the amount of time it takes to harvest enough electricity.

solar power companyThese impressive results were achieved after scientists decides to alter the form of molecules. Nevertheless, they still have to overcome a few more challenges to increase the efficiency of this method. The main obstacle is that as soon as creators try to increase the density of these molecules, it reduces the time for which the energy can be kept.

Although the inventors are yet to develop effective way to return stored energy, they are positive about forthcoming discoveries. They have already managed to achieve striking results that may change our perspective on solar power. Scientists will definitely continue these experiments meant to create a new generation of photovoltaic systems capable of harvesting clean and renewable energy.

Prospecting new opportunities

There are many options and people with advanced views are willing to install solar equipment already today. Some of them do it to cut their electricity bills, others believe that this way they will help preserve the environment around us and prevent greenhouse effect. Additionally it is satisfying when you do not have to depend on public utilities and able to produce your own electricity.

All in all, solar power can improve our quality of live but it will take some time to make it efficient enough to replace other types of energy. However, scientists do everything possible to make this happen and help the whole world go solar!