Obama: Solar Panels For Low Income Homes!

Obama and solar panelsThe White House currently shapes a plan to put new solar panels on low income houses that will let them access solar power. It is not the first time president Obama shows interest in green types of energy like solar and wind power.

Many scientists state that renewable energy is bound to help the U.S. escape fossil fuel dependence. Coal, oil and natural gas cost a lot and give off contamination. Today both ecologists and politicians believe that the green energy may cover our needs and solve a number of pressing problems that plague our society.

At the same time, critics claim that this kind of solution is too costly. They say that Eco-friendly electricity is inadmissibly expensive and advanced solar technologies will end up being a shocking waste of money. President Obama does not share this pessimistic point of view and plans to use federal money to boost photovoltaic breakthrough.

While it is true that a solar system for every low-income house is a major investment, long term both government and taxpayers will benefit from it. Once you purchase and install PV panels, they will start producing cheap and harmless energy that can help you cut your electric bills and preserve nature at the same time.

Depending on the number of solar cells, a single photovoltaic system can easily supply a family of four members and cover their energy needs in full. If everything goes in accordance with Obama’s policy, low income residents will have access to green electricity the whole year round. There will be no need to count every penny because often solar panels generate more energy than an average family needs. It only takes several hours a month to clean and maintain photovoltaic equipment and it can work faultlessly for more than 30 years.

Solar Lifestyle

The initial purpose is to expand solar energy on low income homes, but this way the White House also popularizes a ‘solar lifestyle’. It is essential to change common view on renewables among citizens and stimulate them use clean sources of energy instead of fossil fuels. Who knows maybe Obama will also decide to popularize off-grid living one day!

solar panels for low-income familiesThe Obama Administration is concerned with climate change and promotes green energy in every possible way. Additionally, the U.S. government encourages people to go solar and install photovoltaics with financial incentives. A lot of residents have already benefited from subsidies for PV-generated energy. Some even manage to profit by selling surplus of electricity back to the grid.

It is true that the initial cost of Obama’s resolution is high. Purchasing solar equipment and deploying enough workers to install it in low income regions will require a huge investment of time and money. However, once everything is set and each solar system starts generating energy, this plan will pay for itself. Get more information at Solar Panels Company.

What is more, the resolution can assist solar industry in general. Supporting green sources of energy can help lower costs, improve quality standards and create competition among photovoltaic providers. It is realistic to expect such results since today any typical PV system is 50% cheaper than it was in 2010.

Nonetheless, right now the majority of low income homeowners have no means to purchase solar panels, even though photovoltaics could improve the quality of their life and cut household bills. Study shows that families save up to 25% on electricity after switching to solar energy.

President Obama notes that this ambitious goal can help the United States advance to a whole new level, both economically and socially. He believes that working together is essential for the sake of our common weal and future generations. There are many challenges ahead but confronting and overcoming them is the key to success.