Tesla Introduces Solar Panels That Look Exactly Like Glass Shingles

tesla solar energy shinglesNot long ago, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company specializing in electric cars and battery charging equipment, introduced a new line of camouflaged solar panels created with an intention to make them look more like a glass roofing rather than regular goofy-looking solar panels.

In comparison to the original version of blue and bulky tables, all of us have probably seen, the redesigned ones are visually attractive and would be a good fit for every homeowner caring about the good look of their houses.

Today everyone has an opportunity to purchase a solar system, but the only option all of us could get so far was a large sheet of glass that doesn’t normally blend in with a regular detached house or any other types of property.

Not only would you receive credentials for going green and pay lower utility bills, but also no one would ever guess you have solar panels out there on your roof. Naturally, the best solar panel companies are interested in this invention!

Special and Strong Glass Coating

According to Musk, the actual secret of each tile is its special coating, which is only visible from certain viewing angles. The coating is a series of micro-louvers. The effect seems to be magical: even though they seem nontransparent from the ground level, from the 90-degree angle you can clearly see the solar cell.

Those worrying about the strength of such roof, Musk has demonstrated the footage of a drop test to show the audience the tile’s strength namely due to its tough material made of clay and slate. The thing is all of them work like a big unity together. Elon claims that such material has an incredibly high level of duration.

Future Trend in Home Design

solar shingles ob the roofThe cells can be designed in all different shapes and styles, which means it could become a great fit to any possible house design. During the presentation, Musk has shown several types of solar-panel tiles, including terra cotta, slate, textured glass and smooth glass.

Yet Tesla Company hasn’t decided upon the price of such product, although everyone expects quite a high price for these solar panel shingles. The company’s website, however, convinces that with lower bills for the energy this purchase would definitely pay for itself after a while. Surely, people interested in inventions powered by solar energy shouldn’t limit themselves to this option only.

What Tesla is sure about, is that such a cool device will certainly become a new trend among people chasing after new technology. Just like the driving electric cars, invisible solar panels could soon become some of the celebrities’ favorites.

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New Age in the History of Solar Energy

Creating eco-friendly and most importantly attractive-looking products is the key to making this product high selling in the market, which will make people switch from fossil fuels to more green energy. It is essential to remember that, alternative energy tech and fossil fuel divestment can save the environment.

For Elon Musk, solar power has all chances to start a new generation of eco-friendly sustainable energy. Not in vain: installed solar panels can produce a decent amount of energy out the sunshine without any additional devices and noise.

And for those, who consider solar panels useless in the evenings as the sun goes down, Tesla company is about to solve this problem as well. They are going to work on installing batteries into those tiles that save enough energy for generating it at nights. Seems like an excellent solution.