New Material Supplies Us With Solar Energy

solar-cells-824691_960_720Almost all solar inventors focus their effort on the production of electricity. Scientist try to come up with new and efficient ways that can help humanity spend less and cause as little harm as possible. This strategy is commendable and already helped green minds safe both money and the environment.

However, what if it is possible to use completely opposite method and profit even more? Some developers of solar gadgets thank that there is a far more effective way of using solar energy. The key idea scientists are trying to promote is that it is possible to store heat and use it later.

The main obstacle is insufficiency of funds. It takes a lot of research and high quality materials to develop working prototypes. Unfortunately, not all people understand why invest in solar panels let alone support development of new models.

Storing Solar Heat

A while ago MIT scientists invented a brand new material able to store the energy of sun for future uses. Whenever the sunlight reaches the surface, it gets charged. There are two main advantages. First of all, this material holds the charge for a long period of time. The second feature that makes this material extremely useful, is that with a little help it can release much more energy than it has initially absorbed. Its unique chemical composition can be triggered by a burst of heat.

The other interesting peculiarity of this invention is that it is almost transparent and relatively thin. Scientists keep coming up with new ideas and possible uses for this material. For example, this solar material will be perfect to quickly defrost your car, heat up your home or even a certain piece of clothes.

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 Special Structure and Features

how to improve solar energyTo create this type of film, scientists applied a method that consists of two simple steps. Eugene Cho, one the leading scientists that works with solar material, states that the film is relatively easy to make. His team uses azobenzene – chemical that is formed by two phenyl rings and linked by a double bond.

The very special thing about azobenzenes is that they shift their features once you expose them to sunshine. Inventors modified this material so it can be triggered by a small burst of heat. This way it will release a lot more energy that can be utilized in any way you want.

The prototype created by MIT scientists is able to increase its temperature by 10°C. This is more than enough to melt the ice under the windshield. This process is significantly simplified by the fact that solar film is transparent. It can also help car owners save energy and petrol.

Solar Beginning

However, it is only a start. Inventors keep improving this solar material. Apart from defrosting it can be applied to other spheres of human life and industry. For now the team of developers tries to improve the solar technology. They are yet to remove yellow tint from solar film.

If inventors are successful, they will get a chance to double the results and achieve 20°C increase in temperature. This boost will be game changing for solar industry and energy sector in general. Nonetheless, existing material is good enough to be used in heating gadgets and applications. However, we already know that the solar energy has a great future. Check 5 solar energy predictions for 2016 to make sure about that!

Researchers state that they will try to polish the technology and come up with new practical uses for solar material. They hope to attract new investors and bring production to a whole new level. Already today big companies show interest in energy storage and materials able to release heat thanks to solar light.