The City of Las Vegas is Powered by Green Energy Alone

las vegas and renewable energy

City officials have announced in a news conference that all the facilities in the city of Las Vegas are now working completely on renewable energy.

Las Vegas has officially become one of the few cities in the USA and in the whole world that can brag using all of its power for municipal facilities from a clean energy. This is yet another reason to learn about solar panels online.

Who Provides the Power for the City?

It took them nearly a decade to fully transition to green sources of energy. This achievement is a result of a joint project between a public utility company and the city. Nowadays, all the government facilities are powered only with the help of green energy. However, lots of commercial and residential buildings still are not.

This revolutionary announcement was made after Boulder Solar 1 went online a week ago. Boulder Solar 1 is a huge solar array in Nevada. It’s not the only source of power. The combination of solar panels across the city, geothermal energy plants as well as Boulder Solar 1 will now provide all the power for the city.

When Did It Start?

It all started in 2008 when the city officials decided to change the energy policy and shift towards renewable sources of energy. Since that time the city has saved about $5 million every year. More than that, it also decreased the energy consumption by approximately 30 percent.

Why Choosing Solar Power?

Nowadays, the topic of solar power is becoming more and more popular. Some countries are also shifting to this renewable source of energy. It’s not surprising that solar energy is actually one of the cheapest in the world and it doesn’t harm the environment. More and more people tend to set solar panels even in their houses to reduce the cost of energy consumption.

What is more, solar power is becoming cheaper than neutral gas globally!

Las Vegas Paves the Way to Other Cities

Some people think that solar panels are too costly. However, it’s definitely a great investment in the long run. This useful tool not only saves your money on energy bills but also helps you live a green life. Las Vegas has already become the largest city in the USA to depend only on renewable energy. Now it starts to help other cities to transition to solar power.

solar power in las vegasPeople in many states tend to become more and more accountable and want to reduce emissions from greenhouse gas.

Last month the mayors of 48 big cities signed a joint letter to President Donald Trump, in which they pledged to take climate action in their cities. Hundreds of people have supported this idea and now want the President to expand and support their local initiatives. Other regions also shop interest in the renewable energy. For instance, Maryland has introduced free solar programs for homeowners.

Who Supports This Idea?

In their letter, the people also asked the President to lead them in developing the sources of renewable energy. Expanding this field can result in energy security and helping the environment. The recent conference in China has proven the fact that solar power is becoming the cheapest energy in the world, even cheaper than natural gas and coal.

Who knows maybe the whole world will transition to cleaner and cheaper renewable energy sources one day? The plans for the future are very promising. By 2035 several other big cities like San Jose, California; Grand Rapids, Michigan, and San Francisco are committing to shift completely to renewable energy.