Hillary Clinton Promotes Solar Energy

hilary clinton solar powerHillary Clinton made a statement that once she becomes the president she is going to support renewable energy, in order to power every house in the United States by year 2027. This is a bold promise, however, if everything goes according to the plan, people will get a chance to cut their electricity bills as well as live a greener life.

Not so long ago Clinton’s campaign uploaded a video that condemns Republicans for denying threat of climate change. She, on the contrary, stressed that for the sake of future generations the importance of nature preservation should be taken seriously. Hillary Clinton said that we have to minimize human impact on the environment. Taking appropriate measures is essential if we want a brighter future for our kids and grandchildren.

Renewable Energy Question

Hilary Clinton plans to focus on residential use of renewable energy. She promised that by the end of her first term, the USA is going to have about 500 million PV panels generating Eco-friendly energy all around the country. Supplying citizens with electricity while not damaging the environment is the key to success and she as a candidate believes that renewables can provide us with necessary means.

Furthermore, switching to a renewable energy focused grid is another resolution made by Hilary. Her campaign gives a task to increase output of solar power sevenfold by the end of 2020. Stimulating investment in clean energy and boosting solar grants is another goal Clinton will try to attain. She states that it is crucial to extend federal renewable energy tax incentives and expand green electricity on residential areas.

Clinton says that innovation and new technologies like photovoltaic panels for home can make a difference and benefit the nation long term. While about 85% of energy in the United States is produced by burning of fossil fuels, Democrats hope to minimize the use of natural resources all over the country.

Hilary Clinton promises to clarify her plan with additional details soon. Right now she stresses that it is time to act and something must be done to prevent environmental issues. Everyone has to fight against climate change and contribute to the best of one’s ability. Working together for the sake of our kids is an absolute priority.

Solar Technologies at Help

solar panels companiesThe real challenge is to generate enough renewable energy to supply all residents and cover their needs. Today low-income families have to save on almost everything, from food supplies to energy consumption. Solar technologies are bound to improve the quality of their life.

Some environmentalists state that renewable energy economy is both ambitious and promising idea. Obviously, it will take time to switch from fossil fuels to greener sources of energy like solar power, however, environmental groups already cheer the news.

As long as Clinton’s plan takes action, it can change the way Americans understand and use energy. Smooth transition to renewables should be prioritized by the federal government. It also takes a strong leader to deal with climate issues and avert crisis.

Solar technologies can help precipitate matters. Already today thousands of households have PV panels installed. These panels generate clean energy and significantly cut family’s electricity bills. Some even manage to send surplus back to the grid and profit from it. This proves that sustainable  and off-grid living is more than just a dream. It can be comfortable and fulfilling.

However, the initial cost of solar panels prevent many low-income families from this valuable purchase. Thus stimulating solar market should become a nationwide campaign. Hillary Clinton is one of the few politician who understands the issue and tries to support the goal.