Government Complicates Off Grid Lifestyle

off grid livingWith every passing day off-grid living is getting more popular. However, recently government declared a war on campers who try to pursue a greener lifestyle. In some areas across the United States officials are trying to prevent people from going off the grid.

Soon generating free electricity and gathering rainwater may be considered an offense. These new zoning regulations target Eco-friendly living and make it difficult for people to camp on their lawns. Some families are so desperate to continue living off the grid that they start moving to the Southwestern part of the country.

Campers refused using fossil fuels and electricity from the grid. Instead they switched to harmless alternatives. Thanks to solar power, wind and rain, these residents are supplied with Eco-friendly energy and water. Some of them install solar panels right on the lawn and produce their own electricity. It is easy to start living a greener life even if off-grid lifestyle is not your cup of tea. Solar Panels Company is ready to provide all necessary information for those who want to give solar technologies a try. People have to realize that today it is possible to preserve nature in many ways.

No contamination and minimum wastes – some people have changed old habits and improved the quality of life. Both healthier and happier they also save quite a lot of money by not using the grid. Sadly, zoning officials do not like this tendency and plan to prohibit green camping or even off-grid capsule homes.

Threat to Off-Grid Living

Costilla Country, the area in Colorado, is currently flooded with people interested in green lifestyle. They are attracted by low cost properties, cheap land and tolerable zoning laws. Additionally, these individuals are striving to join the local community of self-dependent Eco-friendly residents.

However, officials are about to make off-grid living less accessible even there. While these families enjoy their environmental existence, new regulations may turn their peaceful lifestyle into dust. Due to   difference of opinion between land owners and the police major quarrels keep happening in the area.

Right now town officials are taking steps to make people use the grid and pay for public utilities. Despite the fact that people reside on their own land and do not harm either the community or the nature, regulatory body wants to ban this kind of lifestyle once and for all.

Public Opinion

These attempts to forbid off-grid living haven’t left people indifferent. Green activists are ready to struggle for their rights. As for average residents, they simply want to live in harmony with nature. Some state that consumerism is plaguing this World and the only solution is to become less wasteful.

go green lifestyleAt the same time, several off-grid campers say that this lifestyle is not only environmentally friendly, but also efficient. Because of economy issues and constant rise in the prices a lot of families struggle to make both ends meet. For some of them camping is the last resort.

However, due to regulations, homesteaders have to constantly move. Some states make off-grid living almost illegal. Often the police demand people to have camping license if they want to live in recreational vehicles or any other type of camping home.

In the past it was challenging to get all documents. Now zoning regulators complicated the procedure to the point that it is almost impossible to renew these permits.

Needless to say that these obstacles make off-grid living problematic. While camping may create certain issues for the town hall, it is wrong to drive people from their own property. Officials must stop using bureaucratic formalities to make people dependent on public utilities. Such methods harm both personal liberty and the environment.