Google Maps And Climate Change

google maps and climate changeWhenever something odd happens to weather people blame Climate Change. However, despite the fact that citizens occasionally have to endure extremely harsh weather conditions, like unnaturally hot and cold temperatures, they are still lucky to live today.

Climate activists constantly try to foresee possible effects of escalating temperatures and warn people before it is too late. A number of large companies, as well as proactive developers, come up with various devises, applications and inventions that are bound to open the public’s eyes to the problem.

Developers of famous Google Maps also decided not to lag behind. They designed a special vision of their product that has already created a huge resonance.

Eco-Friendly Activism

It is not a secret that burning of fossil fuels slowly but surely destroys the environment of our planet. Only those involved in business that depends on natural resources would try to deny this fact. Nonetheless, the majority of people are yet to understand how serious this issue is. Only some individuals realize the true dimension of the problem and try preventing Global Warming.

One of the easiest ways to make a difference is to reduce contamination. Every time people use fossil fuels to generate electricity, they unintentionally pollute the environment. Whenever we need energy to heat up our place, power house appliances or drive somewhere, we exhaust the nature around us. Not to mention massive plants that contribute to climate change like nothing else.

However, not all entrepreneurs mindlessly use nature for profit. Some try to push greener options like renewable energy. For instance, Solar Panels Company can introduce you to the newest solar technologies. Learning about solar energy option is a step any conscious individual should take. By far going solar is one of the best choices any resident or business owner can make to prevent climate change.

Worst Case Scenario

global warmingHelping people see that mindless use of fossil fuels endangers the future of our kids is a formidable task. Nonetheless, giants like Google try to keep up with this challenge. Recently developer created a scenario that show how harmful our current actions and behavior can be.

From insignificant sea level rise to terrifying devastation, these are scenarios Google pictured a while ago. Any user could look up this prediction online or by checking mobile application released by Google Maps.

However, it is important to mention that the new app is not without a fault and still needs improvement. For a while, it was showing that Los Angeles is allocated under the sea. Due to a minor misunderstanding some climate activists thought that this a warning meant to alarm people about Climate Change.

Prior to this inaccuracy Google has not announced any changes in the app, so, for some time it was not clear whether this was intentional prediction or failure of the system. Later Google representatives stated that it was an error and the company apologizes for the caused fuss. Well, they surely do not want to be the next Volkswagen scandal, right?!

Climate Change Threat

Obviously, in case of significant climate change many other regions would get affected, not just Loss Angeles. Global temperature rise would affect each and every living being along with the nature around us. In fact, only 2 degrees Celsius change in global temperatures can bring destruction to our home planet.

Although essentially an error, this event made people think about how their activities today can influence future generations. To make a difference all people have to unite and reduce carbon emissions. Rather than using fossil fuels, they should start switching to greener options. New and advanced solar technologies are essential to help prevent Global Warming and allow people live in harmony with the environment.