Google Launches Solar Panel Project

google and solar panelsGoogle is trying to promote solar energy and educate people about renewables. But while anyone can use this service and find necessary and valuable information, world-renowned company went further. The search giant has recently announced the first launch of a brand new project that will help any resident understand how solar panels work and avoid mistakes purchasing them.

Project Sunroof is bound to change our perception of energy resources. It will make installation of solar devices easy and quick despite your location. The idea is rather simple: thanks to the data gathered from Google Maps, it is possible to show the amount of sunlight that reaches your roof during the day.

This new service will estimate each small detail that can affect the work of your photovoltaic system. For example, local weather conditions, seasonal patterns, orientation of your roof, tilt and even possible shadows that may affect the work of your solar panels – everything will be taken into account. Also, Solar Panel Company will always help choosing the best manufacturers according to your zip code.

Smart Solar Purchase

Thanks to this innovative idea you will always know how much energy your solar cells can produce. Some purchasers of panels often buy larger systems than they actually need. As a result, their PV system generates more energy than they use. Surely, in some locations it is possible to sell surplus of electricity and send it back to the grid, however, not every homeowner is ready to spend time doing that.

However, sometimes people underestimate their energy consumption. They purchase relatively small solar PV system that can barely supply their house appliances with electricity. Things can get worse if nearby trees or structures block sunrays from reaching the surface of their roofs. Air pollution is yet another condition every purchaser of solar panel kit should be aware of. This is when famous tech company can make a difference.

Details of Solar Project

solar project from GoogleGoogle Project Sunroof can potentially solve any issue connected with solar panel purchase, installation and operation before it occurs. The service will provide all necessary answers that may help any homeowner switch to alternative energy.

Right now one of the major obstacles that prevents people from going solar is the initial cost of photovoltaic products. Sunroof can change that by providing another helpful feature. Any family will be able to submit their current energy bill to the system and it will automatically calculate possible savings. Even though high-quality photovoltaic technologies are not cheap, eventually they pay for themselves.

Solar panels are a serious investment that will benefit any homeowner in the long-term and this is exactly the idea behind Project Sunroof. An average solar PV power system can produce cheap and Eco-friendly energy for more than 20 years. Solar cells can last for decades if maintained properly.

Additionally, Google plans to provide information about local solar suppliers to help people find the best offer. There will be no need to search for installers in your area, compare them and pick solar panel company at your own risk because this online service will do it for you. Sounds like a promising and convenient feature that will simplify the purchase of solar panels for any client.

Going Solar with Google

Google’s representatives are trying to remove misconceptions about solar power and its viability. Project Sunroof can give us a chance to spend less on energy and fuel while preserving the environment. Soon this service is going to provide clear answers and easy solutions that will help any house owner go green.

Upcoming beta launch of Project Sunroof will show whether this idea is viable. Nonetheless, a lot of people interested in green lifestyle as well as those who simply want to cut their electricity bills have already paid attention to this project.