Going Off The Grid In Solar Powered Capsule

solar capsule homeA lot of people find life in the big city exhausting and dull. Crazy rhythm, unhealthy processed food, polluted air and noisy crowds. It is only natural that so many individuals, as well as whole families, start living off the grid.

Replacing office jobs and traffic jams with active lifestyle and Eco-friendly habits is a dream for many people out there. Large companies managed to notice this tendency and now they are trying to promote devices that can simplify life off the grid. Nice Architects company from Slovakia made a breakthrough by announcing Eco Capsule that will let anyone live independently far from the big city.

Going off the Grid

Today going off the grid is more than just a whim. A lot of people desperately want to escape and start everything from the scratch. They crave freedom and independence. Others change their lifestyle to get closer to the nature and protect it by changing their habits. It is a noble cause and anyone who tries to preserve the environment deserves a lot of respect.

Certainly, those who want to contribute to nature preservation and cut electricity bills do not necessarily must go off the grid. There are many other less extreme ways to exist without making a harmful impact. Thanks to photovoltaic distributor like Solar Panels Company any house owner can purchase home PV system that will cover their energy needs without any damage to the nature. You can check solar panel cost by inputting your zip code online (Enter your zip code and the rest of required information, so that we could find the best possible manufacturer in your area).

Anyone can make a difference and thanks to new advanced technologies sustainable living can be both accessible and comfortable. Switching to renewable sources of energy is great option any conscious individual should take up!

Details of the Project

The main advantage of the Capsule build by Slovakian inventors is that it runs solely on renewable energy. No fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal are needed because it can be powered entirely by solar and wind energy! This means that purchasers will not have to deal with contamination that is inevitable when coal or almost any other natural resource is burnt.

The invention will help to remove dependence on utility services and significantly reduce energy costs. Once you buy and install the Eco Capsule, it will start paying for itself. Thanks to solar energy the device can generate cheap, green and non-polluting energy that can power this high-tech home. We all trust Google, so when Google decides to launch solar panel project, it means something, right?!

Solar Homes of the Future

solarcapsuleCreators promise that announced Capsule is going to be completely self-sustaining. What is more, the home device is portable and powered by high-efficiency photovoltaic panels. This means that as long as the sun is shining dwellers can live an isolated life for more than a year without returning back to civilization. Living off-grid becomes even more possible with this capsule.

While the Capsule is not particularly spacious (about 14.7 x 7.9 feet), it is surely well-designed. Smart architectural decisions as well as compact devices provide enough space for comfortable living of two adults. The Capsule can be transported without any troubles. What is more, inventors state that their creation will be able to charge the engine if the electric vehicle that tows it.

Additionally, the Eco Capsule contains a wind turbine and a rainwater collector. It can both harvest water and filter it, so, residents of this high-tech home will be supplied with running water. Aside from toilet facilities and shower it is going to include work space and a bed.

Potentially, it will be possible to install additional applications and solar powered equipment in the future. The company-creator believes that people who decided to live off the grid should not suffer any privations. This is why they keep coming up with new devices that are bound to improve off-grid experience.