Elon Musk Plans to Power the US Entirely With Solar

solar panels and elon musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is not only well-known by making electric cars but also by having a new division of solar roof panels. He has recently mentioned at the National Governors Association meeting in July that the USA is ready to fully switch to the solar energy. He also reminded all of the state governors how much real estate they need to make certain the US runs entirely on solar power.

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The Territory for the Panels

According to Elon Musk, if they decide to power the whole USA with solar panels, they will need just 100 miles by 100 miles of panels. In other words, it’s quite a small part of Texas or Nevada or Utah.

“And the batteries necessary to store the energy for 24/7 supply is one square mile,” Musk said during the event in Rhode Island.

If you look at the map of the USA, it would take only a small square with a tiny pixel inside, which stands for the battery park.

The Solar Power Question

Nowadays, approximately 10 percent of power in the USA is renewable. So, Elon Musk is willing to change the situation, probably with the help of solar panels made by his company Tesla. He laid out his opinion for renewable energy during the recent conference and mentioned it should rely on capturing the sun energy via solar panels. His main aim is to fill the great demand for energy in the areas of electricity, transportation, and heating.

Rooftop Solar Panels

What does Musk think about the solar future for the USA? First of all, he sees its solar future as a mix of utility-scale solar panels that can be used in various areas together with the rooftop panels in the suburb houses.

Not long time ago, Tesla confirmed that they are going to build a huge solar-powered battery in order to help power-starved Australian regions. Elon Musk mentioned he would like to use their Tesla Powerpack for these needs as this product uses dozens of big batteries and huge fields of solar panels. Let’s not forget glass shingles solar panels they came up a few years ago.

Usage of Additional Power Sources

More than that, Musk explained during the meeting that they could use additional power sources during the period of transition. He mentioned they could use the combination of the rooftop and utility-scale solar with geothermal, wind, hydro, and some nuclear power, in order to provide a smooth transition to a stable situation.

And don’t forget about first Indian solar train that is about to change the way we use railways. 

Localize Solar Power

The next question is building the infrastructure and localization of solar power. It’s important to localize solar panels on the roofs as it will help reduce big power lines and other infrastructure. Musk believes the people don’t really like to see transmission lines in their neighborhood. He thinks it would be a great solution from the standpoint of physics to use utility solar and rooftop solar panels.

So, why should they use solar power instead of other methods of power generation? The answer is easy as humans have always been relying on the sun. The sun is the only thing that keeps our planet from being at the temperature of cosmic background radiation, so the Earth is almost totally solar-powered these days. In addition, the amount of energy that reaches our planet from the sun is almost 99%. Therefore, it’s important to make use of this tremendous energy and make a profit out of it.

After all, if the sun didn’t come up every day, who knows where we would be and what problems we would have. It is a reliable source of energy indeed and a giant fusion reactor.