100% Renewable Energy Achievement In Costa Rica

costa rica renewable energy achievementToday the modern society becomes more concerned about the world ecology. People needs slowly chug along to nature depletion. But there is a good option. The solution is to turn to the sources of the renewable energy. The most common are sunlight, wind, rain, and tides. The situation explains the popularity of the request for the best solar companies online. Obviously, solar panels can be used by usual citizens and don’t require specific conditions like hydroelectric plants.

Renewable Dream for Everyone

But while for the majority of people, the option looks more like a futuristic plot than a reality, one country proves otherwise. Namely, Costa Rica fulfilled a dream of the ecological purity. For almost 4 months Costa Rica ran completely renewable. Mostly it was done with the hydropower stations. At the same time, Costa Rica has researched the geothermal energy during the last 30 years, so they definitely have something to offer. Of course, they still use a lot of oil in order to provide cars with the fuel. But at least, they are trying to do something. Moreover, they manage to do it impressively and efficiently, gearing a perfect model to the reality.

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Greater Ambitions

And these 113 days were only a start. Costa Rica’s goal is to become completely free from the fossil fuels in the next 5 years. Experts have already mentioned that these results are quite achievable for the Costa Rica. The country is blessed with the original climate and terrain, that provide the nation with the numerous renewable energy sources. Number one source is hydropower, which comes from the extensive river system and tropical rainfalls. It is a fourth highest nation when it comes to the amount of precipitation. Another advantage is a lack of demand for the strong energy infrastructure due to the relatively small population. Finally, a few volcanoes give the possibility to develop geothermal energy projects.