Average Efficiency of Solar Panels

are solar panels efficientGenerally, the output of solar cells is measured by the amount of electricity they generate from sunlight. If the efficiency of solar panels is high, you will need less space to produce enough energy.

Efficiency of a typical solar panel is around 15%. While the number may seem relatively low, you can cover your roof with just enough panels to supply your whole family with cheap and Eco-friendly electricity.

Remember that all brands use different materials and apply their own experience, resources and technologies. This is why purchasers should be aware that both the quality and the efficiency of solar panels can vary.

High Efficiency Benefits

House owners often strive for better efficiency rates. Some of them crave only the most advanced solar or other alternative energy technologies. Others consider their needs and look for compact panels that will not ruin the exterior of their property.

There are dozens of possibilities for anyone interested in solar PV modules. If you are still unsure what panels will satisfy your energy needs, you can consult with SolarPanelsCompany and select the option that is perfect for you.

At the same time homeowners should not get obsessed with efficiency rates. Already today it is possible to find solar panels that are more than 40% efficient. But those are only lab prototypes. They are not suitable for mass production since the costs of manufacturing are too high to make them viable.

Choosing the Right Panels

how to choose solar panel providersSome people abstain from buying photovoltaics and wait for a breakthrough. They believe that soon enough it will be possible to increase the productivity of solar cells. However, this is a common delusion. Thousands of residents purchased photovoltaic panels and managed to cut their energy bills. It proves that already today solar technologies are efficient enough to change your life for the better.

To put it simple, high efficiency means that solar panels will cover less space. If your roof is relatively small and you need a lot of electricity, energy output should concern you. But overall, this characteristic is not as important as the quality and general performance of your solar kit.

As you consider different panels, keep in mind that high efficiency will cost you more. Additionally, these panels are not as popular and harder to find. So, if you are still in doubts, it is better to ask solar expert for a valuable insight. Professionals know everything about the latest technologies and popular features.

Solar Panel Performance

Apart from initial design and build, there are several factors that may influence performance of PV panels. First of all, pay attention to the position of your solar equipment. Things like orientation, angle and tilt can significantly change the amount of energy solar panels are able generate. The optimal installation demands close attention and consideration. Be aware that through the daytime objects and structures around your house can cast the shadow upon the surface of your solar panels.

If you want to achieve better energy output, make sure all solar devices are installed properly. The roof pitch can also influence performance of your solar PV system. Depending on the material the temperature of the roof can get too high. This should be avoided since solar panels work better when there is a proper airflow. Also, you can read where to install solar panels.

As you can see, solar panel purchasers have to be attentive and sensible. It is easy to waste both time and money if you do not take time to estimate your needs and resources. If you plan to get high quality, efficient and lasting panels, try considering all factors on your own or address experienced solar provider.