Achieving 99% Green Energy In 2015

costa rica renewable energyPeople may think that achieving renewable energy success is an unbearable challenge. However, even thought it might take a while to reach sufficient alternative energy generation worldwide, some regions manage to cover their energy needs with renewables already today.

Solving Energy Problem

Powering the whole country with alternative energy is more than just a dream. Costa Rica proved it by achieving nearly 100% renewable electricity generation. Electricity Institute of Costa Rica reported that the country tried to minimize fossil fuel use to produce energy in 2015. To be correct, out of 365 day 285 were completely fossil fuel free.

This is a tremendous success that opens up numerous opportunities for both consumers and the business. Some homeowners are so motivated to escape unclean sources of electricity that they turn to wind and solar energy. Luckily today it is easy to find the best solar panel company and purchase a solar kit that will supply any household with Eco-friendly energy year-round.

But even though it is commendable that average residents try to support green movement by turning to alternative energy, some global changes should take place. Costa Rica is exactly the country to make the first step. It has wealth and auspicious conditions to promote renewable energy.

Renewable Benefits

renewable energy 2016Thanks to geothermal energy, hydro, wind and solar power scientists were able to achieve outstanding results. The representative of Electricity Institute mentions that despite 2015 being an extremely dry year, the country managed to reach its renewable energy goals. They expect to give up carbon-based fuels completely by the end of 2021.

Nonetheless, Costa Rica’s ambitions do not end here. The country aims to go entirely green. It is essential to upgrade transportation sector and make it less dependent on both fossil fuels and hydro-power. Alternative sources of electricity like geo, wind and solar power can be the answer country’s government needs.

Citizens of Costa Rica have already noticed the improvement. Cost of energy keeps falling and ecological benefits are incontestable. Inspired by this success, several countries also intend to achieve energetic independence in the immediate future. Soon enough we all will get a chance to enjoy renewable sources of energy.

Alternative Way

Certainly, a great number of countries like the U.S.A. are yet to make full use of renewable energy. It will take time to switch from fossil fuels and build enough alternative energy plants. However, if everything goes according to Costa Rica’s example, it will be easy to add clean energy to the grid and eventually make it the main source of power.

The U.S. is a lot bigger and it is challenging to supply the entire population with Eco-friendly electricity. But despite all potential obstacles, renewable energy can make the difference. People should work together to help renewables prosper. This might be our only chance to prevent global warming and secure the future of our children.

Clean Energy Solution

Renewable sources have proven to be both efficient and clean. The only issue is that it takes a lot of time and resources to escape traditional electricity and switch to greener options. Some homeowners do not wait for government to make the first step. They purchase solar PV system and generate their own renewable energy. But the fact that solar roads double energy output makes many specialists think of solar energy all the time.

The potential benefits are clear but it can take a while to open society’s eyes. Both government and citizens have to understand that energy is something we all should treasure. Before humanity completely exhausts natural resources, it is crucial to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy. New solar technologies can help us realize this ambitious goal and achieve energy independence.