5 Remarkable Solar Inventions

solar powered gadgetsSolar power helps create super cool inventions, which use sunlight as the primary source of power. What’s the main benefit of the solar power? In fact, there are plenty of advantages of using sunlight as the main source of the electricity. Obviously, this way you reduce your utility bills as sunlight energy is extremely cheap. High-tech and effective PV system is really easy in use and that makes the next advantage of using solar energy. When it comes to maintaining a PV system, the owner doesn’t have to do almost anything to service it. Furthermore, for everyone, who thinks that solar panels and solar tools are short-lived – solar PV system are able to work for 25 years!

After familiarizing with substantial benefits of the inexpensive alternative energy, it is essential to learn about actual solar powered devices. Here you can read about top 5 cool and handy solar powered inventions for a daily use.

never pay for your electricity bill

Solar Window Charger

phone charges from sunIn today’s digital era, when people keep on searching for the alternative sources of energy, solar window chargers became a sensation (especially for those, who are far from the world of technologies). That’s cheap, effective, useful, easy, and pretty! Plenty of advantages and an excellent result. One of the most popular solar charges nowadays is XD Design Solar Window Charger. What is more, soon it will possible to turn windows into panels.

All you need to use this tool is sunlight, a window, and some time to let your phone charge. A small device must be attached to the window and connected to the phone. One thing is that the solar chargers aren’t good for tablets. A small device must be attached to the window and connected to the phone. One thing is that the solar chargers aren’t good for tablets.

Solar Lawn Mower

mower charges from sunFor everybody, who has a pretty lawn and dreams of inventing a device that wouldn’t be so energy unprofitable, – here is a solar lawn mower. The working principle is obvious – it uses a solar energy to work. The price policy of different companies differs – most of them offer solar lawn mowers for around $500 and less (the Recharge Mower PMLI-14 or the Black & Decker SPCM1936). Nevertheless, there exist automatic devices, which prices cover thousands of dollars (Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid). All in all, in the result you only win. Additionally, you might want to read about ways of heating your pool thanks to solar power alone!

Solar E-Reader

ebook charges from sunYes, E-Readers exist and they are really popular among students and bookworms. Exactly for such people, specialists have invented a solar E-Reader! The most popular alternative reading device was produced by LG and this tool needs only 4-5 hours sunlight charging to work the whole day. A well-developed design and reasonable price make it really attractive! This green device is absolutely affordable for all budgets.

Solar Tents

solar energy tent fiberEco-friendly camping is now possible with a help of solar tents! The Orange Solar Tent is not only absolutely harmless for nature but extremely high-tech. For instance, it has a connection with the other tents of your friends and when you receive a message, your shelter illuminates, and LCD display allows using the Internet almost anywhere. That’s a tiny part of the unbelievable possibilities a solar tent can provide. Therefore, if you are interested in it, look for available information on the Internet.

If you want to learn how solar energy can help us explore Mars, be sure to read about what solar power can achieve in the future!

Solar Backpack

This unusual item of clothing is a perfect solar tool for students and, actually, everyone, who prefers backpacks. Solar sack seems to be the common backpack but the tricky peculiarity allows the owner to charge the devices anywhere.

Surely, there are some other solar design principles that can help you create an eco-friendly house without any device. Even though solar devices seem to be unpopular, on the surface, they become an irreplaceable part of everyday life of those, who once tries them. Therefore, stay eco-friendly and save money with pleasure!