5 Ideas For Energy-Efficient Holidays

save money on energySome people get so excited about upcoming holidays that they forget about energy efficiency. However, it is possible to save quite a lot if you know certain rules. Energy-efficient holidays can benefit any household since families have to face all kinds of other expenses during this time of the year. Decorating your place and controlling your energy bills at the same time is easier than it seems. Solar Panels Company online wishes you frugal holidays only!

Efficient Lighting

A lot of residents are fascinated by giant lighting displays and often spend hundreds of dollars to purchase and install them. However, people usually disregard incidental expenses and energy costs. Light-emitting diode lamps can solve the issue. Replace your old shiny decorations with new ones that use 70% less electricity.

Traditional lamps are surely easy to get, however, they will cost you more in the long run. Additionally, LED decorations are brighter, last longer and environmentally friendly. Parents will be happy to learn that light-emitting diode lamps are much safer than your average bulbs. They are not as hot, so, you can rest assured that your kids will not get burned if they accidentally touch some of the decorating elements.

Energy-Saving Bulbs

Much like light-emitting diode lamps, energy-efficient bulbs use about 25% of the electricity of regular bulbs. If this is not enough for you to switch to energy efficient lights, keep in mind that these bulbs last 12 times longer. You should shop smarter and look for officially approved energy-saving markings to make the best out of your holiday budget.

Today homeowners can find all kinds of fittings, colors, sizes and shapes to decorate their houses. With a little imagination yours can stand out among the rest while you spend less than other families.

Discount Products

The easiest way to reduce your spending during holidays is to keep an eye for discount goods. This can be applied to presents, food and decorations. Many stores and retailers come up with coupons and deals to allure customers. Each successful company uses holiday discounts to make their business even more profitable. You can check a newspaper, ask a store manager or simply check company’s website for hot deals.

Limit Electricity Usage

To save money on electricity, you should be aware of how long your bulbs have been burning. Some people forget to turn off their decoration lights and they keep working during the day. Homeowners are better to set their lighting so it turns off and on automatically.

You can choose specific hours for your decorations to shine. It depends entirely on your preferences. This is especially useful if your bulbs are not energy efficient. Nonetheless, residents shouldn’t rely on automatics 100%. Be sure to check and maintain your lighting control systems once in a while.

Creative Solutions

creative solutionsThere are also a few interesting decorative solutions you can apply. For example, reflective elements can benefit the lighting and improve the look of your house without additional expenses. Multiplying the shine is the easiest trick smart house owners use today.

More traditional method is to decorate your place with things that do not require electricity what so ever. You can find inexpensive yet pretty wreaths, ribbons, garland, toys and reflective ornaments at any flee market.

Eco-Friendly Holidays

A lot households do not try to save energy and resources during the holiday season. However, it is not that hard to create cherry atmosphere without making the environment suffer. If you want to have fun with your family and prevent climate change, be aware of how much electricity you use and what product you purchase. Energy is life, so, do not waste it!