2 Solar Options Supported By Bill Gates

bill gates supports solar panelsPromoting green energy is important and top billionaires understand it better than anyone else. This is the reason why Bill Gates is so excited about innovations like solar chemicals and solar paint. Promising technologies can change the way we produce, store and use energy. They can potentially benefit people all over the world and significantly boost technological advance.

Supporting Renewables

The best solution Bill Gates can see is to create a multi-billion dollar coalition that will unite those willing to invest into energy tech development. He mentions on the official website reasons why both public and private funding of solar projects should be increased. Renewable energy can make the difference and positively influence our common future.

However, a lot about green technologies still needs improvement. Bill Gates believes that making them less expensive and efficient enough should become priority of both scientists and investors. While there are plenty of interesting concepts and relatively effective products, the renewable energy sector desperately needs support and donations.

To fill the investment gap Gates plans to launch a coalition that will bring together influential people for a common objective. He hopes that the Energy Coalition can unite individuals like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and everyone willing to contribute. Helping young inventors promote their ideas should also be among goals of the group.

While it is obvious that making profit is essential for any successful businessman, acceleration of the progress is just as important. Long term this coalition can achieve tremendous results and make clean energy the main source of power worldwide.

Striking Announcement

It is not a secret that the Global Warming concerns both scientists and politicians. In November 2015, a conference on climate change was held in Paris. Governments made it clear that more should be done about the global warming and carbon emissions. Soon after Bill Gates wrote a loud post about the Energy Coalition.

He came up with 3 energy ideas that emphasize on what should be achieved. These solutions are bound to help the green energy sector, although it will take more than a decade to obtain significant results. At the same time, Bill Gates did not mention whether the Energy Coalition is going to take part in funding.

Solar Technologies

solar panel companyAmong ideas promoted by Gates solar chemical technologies stand out the most. They are supposed to use sunlight in hydrogen production. If the development goes as he plans, this technology will help scientists to decarbonize the energy and transportation sectors. Apart from making our home planet a lot cleaner, this will also solve storage problem.

The other big solution Gates wrote about is solar paint. One of the major issues solar enthusiasts encounter today is installation of solar PV systems. House owners have to take into the account a number of factors to successfully mount solar panels. Some turn to Solar Panels Company for professional assistance. You have to understand that solar power can heat your pool and serve as the main energy source for the big farms!

So-called ‘solar paint’ will make installation easy and fast. People will have to simply cover any flat surface with such paint and turn it into solar panel. This way residents will also have no difficulties maintaining their photovoltaics.

Need for Improvement

These promising inventions can help people go solar while not going broke. Bill Gates writes that Private Sector Coalition is about making the dream come true. He states that promoting green energy technologies is what any billionaire should do.

There is an urgent need for investments to boost the research and development of clean energy. Renewable energy is something that can benefit the whole world. However, to achieve this goal, richest people as well as brightest minds should unite and work together.