Maryland Homeowners Applying For Free Solar Program

maryland solar government benefitsThe cost of solar panels installation in Maryland State seems like a whole fortune – almost $32,000. No surprise, most of the middle-class homeowners quit the idea of purchasing solar panels for their home.

In order to change this tendency, government incentives together with private investors raised enough funding to launch the Alternative Energy Solar Project.

It will make solar panels affordable not only for upper-class families but for every average middle-class American from the state of Maryland.

Free Solar Energy Is not a Dream

The Alternative Energy Solar Project was initially launched to raise awareness about the Solar Affordable Verified Establishment (S.A.V.E.) – one of the first Solar Array system projects for a middle-class community in the USA.

The project was launched by the state government several years ago and is about to shed some light on the state’s middle-class community. AESP became an excellent solution for people who have no financial opportunities to purchase expensive solar panels and also it helped to promote alternative sources of power.

The main question for everyone is how expensive everything is. The only answer is – it costs nothing. You are not charged for the panels’ installation if you a middle-class homeowner. Except for panels themselves you get a new electric rate.

Presumably $2,400 a year could be saved out of the family’s budget if they install the solar system and this money can eventually be lately spent on other essential purchases. The final goal is having more than 32,000 homes equipped with solar arrays by the end of the end of this year.

Another positive example of solar energy use can be observed in Costa Rica as the country managed to use renewable energy only for 4 months straight!

Who Sponsors the Program?

maryland solar powerThe major funding comes from tax credits and rebates from federal, state or local government as well private companies supporting eco-friendly energy sources. This ultimately dropped down the cost of solar panels and made the program possible for accomplishment.

The government is interested in restraining greenhouse gas emissions and therefore supports the program’s intentions to install solar arrays among middle-class homeowners. The MD state government has even discussed possible ways how they may contribute to raising more money in order to provide more rebates.

Certainly, the plan seems to work as successfully as expected. The launched project has used at least 30% of the government solar funding and money given by private investors to help families financially with the solar installation. Moreover, the program stimulated large MD-based companies that were still using regular fossil fuel energy switch to more eco-friendly options including solar power energy.

How to Apply for the Program?

Any middle-class resident of Maryland can try up and apply for the project to get his arrays installed on the roof of the house.

Although, the project is about to close its doors by the end of 2016, so you’d better hurry up. If fit under the program’s requirements and have property in Maryland, sign up for a program through